What are Axie Infinity Scholarships and How to Apply?

When we are talking about the best games from NFT, who wouldn’t pick Axie Infinity. It has blazed the market, taking up a major share of the market. Expect good earnings/rewards and vibrant entertaining gameplay. However, newbies have had a tough time going about playing Axies Infinity. This is because Axies are all in all expensive and most newbies have miniature budgets. At the moment, the smallest deposits of Axies is tagged at 0.2 ETH, this makes it 0.6 ETH and in dollars, the whole amount stands at $1200. Remember, the whole amounts we are showing you now are basing on 3 Axies.

Beginners can also have a hard time spotting the correct and reliable Axies. This is because beginners lack strategy, moves, and Axies spotting variations. Luckily for new players, there is a chance to play Axie Infinity for free. You can do this from a set community which however has time considerations and scholarship considerations. The article will look more into Axies scholarships and the basic definitions of Axies Infinity. At the end of this written session, you will have a good idea of what Axie Infinity is.

What is a scholar in Axie Infinity?

When it comes to gameplay, a scholar is simply a player. This means that a scholar has an opportunity to obtain a free starter team from a chosen scholarship manager. Remember, the team earns for the scholar. When it happens that you do have a prospective Axie Infinity player, who wants to delve into the world of Axie and you decide that you really do not need to set apart a bank for a prospect starter team, or in many cases, you clearly do not have the amount of money required to purchase Axies, the only option is to turn into a scholar. Check out dividend percentages which are used to share final earnings. In most cases percentages are

  • 60/40
  • 50/50
  • 70/30

With scholarship programs, gamers can experience a win-win situation not the other way round. You win for selected community managers with a set total of Axies and in that same respect, managers can clinch passive income. In your case, as a scholar, you get a chance to initiate play and kick off winning streaks without even depositing or spending a single dollar.

What are Axie scholarships?

Now, looking at Axie scholarships, think of them as free offers. It is actually a free offer to an Axie scholar from a set manager. It is the same as your traditional academic scholarship where you do not have to pay anything. The scholar is now liable to play the game using the same free offered Axies in order to clinch what is called Smooth love potions. Smooth Love Potions are won on behalf of the manager.

This shows how pivotal the manager is in all the gaming operations. Though wins are for the manager, a certain cut is taken from the whole lot. Remember that scholarships are not official, they are side features that are executed outside or separate from the official player’s dashboard. With that being said, let us look at why scholarships have become the most ideal feature when playing Axie.

  • in the gaming community, you have professional players who have acquired a lot of Axies but are still unable to utilize them in earning SLP.
  • many players actually do not have required startups so they resort to scholarships
  • managers have a wide enough opportunity to tutor scholars on how the game operates
  • managerial tutoring to scholars is possible since NFT are very fresh on the scene
  • managers have opportunities to tutor scholars on vital gaming tips and winning secrets
  • managers also provide various tips on best combinations and vital cards in Axie Infinity gaming
  • scholarships enlighten many beginners on how to play various complicated and sophisticated Axie Infinity game plays, for example, assessment and governance of crypto wallets

How does the Axie scholarship work?

As we have mentioned earlier scholars often lack enough resources to play. In that case, they are funded by managers who have reputable and good-looking account balances. Managers usually have a lot of funds in their coffers, which is totally different from what is evident in scholars’ accounts. Scholars have managers to thank on most occasions because managers have reputable connections with Axies. If you are lucky, you receive unused Axies from a reputable manager, a move that allows scholars to receive massive earnings during gameplay.

If a scholar is looking for perfect SLP gain, managers should grant scholars a total of 3 Axies. Since the manager funded all of the Axies, earnings get to be divided between the two. SLP cashouts are divided between the two of you. Remember we listed dividend percentages above and in most cases you use a 60/40 sharing tag. Sharing proportions do not actually remain there because some agreements have different stipulations. Managers have a lot of experience concerning game plays so there are very crucial in everything happening.

What an Axie manager gives scholars:

  • three Axies when the game starts.
  • vital information of the game
  • connections with Axies community
  • 3 Axies to be lent out to start playing
  • For you to play Axie Infinity scholarship, you should have the following
  • Google Chome or Firefox, Metamask account, an active Axie Infinity account, Ronin wallet account, and Axies tor scholar sponsoring.
  • Below we give you a step by step rundown which was expert reviewed on how to create a scholar account
  • Players should first come up with a Ronin account for their scholar of choice
  • Select an input name on the account homepage. Remember, the input name should be the same as the one on the Meta mask account
  • Return to Axie Infinity market (check that your account is logged off)
  • Opt ‘log in’ and opt ‘login with Ronin’
  • Confirm and authenticate your sign in
  • Congratulations, you have created your first scholars count!

How to transfer Axies

  • check out Axie lineup and opt ‘gift’ to kick start the process
  • insert a given Ronin address, check the address again, and approve
  • when you do the above, Axie gifts should have reached the scholar account

Always remember that most of your information is safe during the transfer because Axie transfer is not ideally a direct transaction. It is all about giving necessary public keys and information without dispatching private keys. Make sure that you save the QR code and then send it to your scholar of choice. QR codes are keys that enable scholars to play on their respective mobile devices. PC playing modes are a bit different since you are required to offer a necessary active email and password. Your account should be fastened always. Many scam masters try to temper around with unlocked accounts. Your scholar should be trusted and professional. Sharing account details is not a big deal because the receiver only views public account details while private keys are kept safe.

Meta mask and Ronin accounts should all have the same name when you want to keep track of your scholar’s account.

Where can I find scholarships?

Check out the Axie community. They are many scholars out there looking for sponsorship. Besides this specific community, managers can check out official Axie infinity discord servers and active Axie infinity Facebook groups or communities. For a more broad and active scholar search, check out Axie infinity Twitter, YouTube content creators. These are all reputable sources because scholars are also online trying to find managers.

If you are a scholar, prove and show ghat you are really worth investing for. A scholar should be able to harvest a lot of trust from you. That’s why there is free Axies transfer mechanism, it is all because of trust. Most managers are expanding their mutual contract system by supplying digital forms where you give information that you are truly in the deal. It is just like a job resume.

How to apply?

The gameplay is pretty simple. Make sure that you grasp the following steps. They are expertly reviewed. Under the gameplay section, let us first look at how scholars can clinch earnings and obtain free start teams.

  • Search for a good manager who is ready to invest
  • tell the manager that you are more than ready to apply
  • if approved, free Axies will be sent to you by the manager
  • Quickly start to play!

Always remember that when you want to becomes a good scholar, search for a manager with lots and lots of Axies in their stock. Look for players from guilds. Below we look at important tips on how scholars can successfully apply for a scholarship. These tips are important.

Tips on How to Apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship

1. Do not spam direct messages

Managers are busy people and they have many messages entering them in boxes every day. Spamming messages will deteriorate your only chance of getting an investment opportunity, let alone being blockedĀ  Be uptight when it comes to respect, be polite, and always use formal business language.

2. Be unique and personal

Desist from using casual and generic messages. Be formal and unique. Make sure that your address the manager in a respectable manner. Be genuine in everything that your send. Most managers out there are content creators on Youtube, comment on their content production but do not tell lies because they can catch you. Remember that managers are respectable and professional personnel, they know all biased tricks presented that can be used by scholars.

3. Do not beg for a scholarship

Begging shows high levels of desperation. Construct a mutual relationship with the manager and do not at any moment show pity, it’s disastrous on your part.

4. Build relationships and engage with the community

There are many communities out there, you talk of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you are an avid scholar, participate and be active always. This enlarges your chances of gaining more depth in your relationship with the manager. Active participation is more appropriate in the Axie Discord server.

5. Reach out to friends, family, or coworkers

If you get a reputable scholarship opportunity from a loved one, the chance of it being a bias is very low. So try as much as possible to engage family members. Managers also feel safer and delighted to give free Axies to friends and families.

6. Learn more about the game

To become an avid player, research and gain as much expertise as possible. Be knowledgeable, a wannabe player who does not know what Axie Infinity is all about is disastrous. Be broad in your research, keep track of cryptocurrency economies. Gain as much experience as possible when it comes to gaming mechanics. Experience is the best teacher!

7. Use your skills to bring something to the table

It is advisable that aspiring scholars be active and progressive in participation. Bring something new to the table in your community. Offer digital details, share information on how best to transform the community. Target areas are logo creations and banner creations, website enhancements, guides creations, and how to gain traction through blogs. It is very beneficial to you if you present yourself in such a manner.

What are the risks of setting up a scholarship?

Remember, Axie scholarships are mutual and digital. The world has turned into a global village so have Axie scholarships. Let us look at some of the risks to consider.

  • Trust issues are often biased- Some managers are professional scam masters. They present false communities and exert fake professionalism towards scholars
  • Betrayal by managers – You might encounter a false manager. Some of them presented themselves as legit operations yet fake
  • Time-consuming- Axie communities are growing and it might be time intensive for you to find a proper manager.

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for players with a small budget
  • Earnings are meaningful and profitable
  • A safe way of playing crypto-based gaming
  • Managerial mobility is high


  • Risk of being scammed
  • Can take a long time to find a good community and manager


Q: How to play Axie Infinity for free?

First, you should obtain an Axie scholarship. Many scholarships around at the moment give reputable and meaningful earnings amounting to 65%. As always, the remain 35% will go back to the investor/manager. The amount of money you will be making will be moderate, not that lucrative but all in all, earnings are determined by the scholarship program and your agreement with the manager.

Q. What are the available risks in Axie Infinity gaming?

You can encounter biased scam masters. Remember, the Axie gaming community is encompassed in this world of anonymity, it is all about mutual agreement and digital contract programs. You can also be betrayed by managers meaning that you will be unable to make meaningful profitsĀ  At times finding a good manager and reputable community is hard considering the fact that Axies communities are gaining so much competition.

Q. How much can l earn?

Well, this question depends on what you have agreed with your manager. In most cases, scholars can benefit from 60/40 %, 50/50 %, and 70/30 %. However, a current survey revealed that most contracts are basing on 65/35 % meaning that a scholar earns 65 % profits from gameplay.


Axies Infinity gaming is the future bearer of community-based crypto gaming guided and based by blockchain and NFT models. It is that perfect selection for aspiring gamers with miniature budgets. Though profits are not that lucrative, you can actually gain as much expertise as possible and start earning much and at some point, you can become your own manager.

There are risks since the game is part and parcel of the anonymous digital crypto-based gaming world but all you have to do is follow the necessary steps that we have dispatched to you in the article. By doing so, you will be engaging the community with expert-reviewed knowledge.

Scholarships are between you and the manager. It is always good that you meet at a crossroads, create a strong relationship with them and make sure that you participate progressively in communities. That’s why you will enlarge your chances of gaining big. Do not worry about private keys, they are safe during the Axies transfer. Find your own manager and start playing!

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