Best Bitcoin Wallets 2022


Trading in cryptocurrency has taken most economic facets by storm. The value of the business ventures using Bitcoin requires that individuals fully protect their funds through a secure bitcoin wallet. Choosing the best bitcoin wallet will not be a problem if the users know the different substantial features of bitcoin wallets in existence.

A crypto wallet should be seen as a way of accessing crypto on our own, and sending and receiving it. Wallets can be stored on a user’s mobile device, or desktop, or one physical device, or simply a piece of paper. Like all crypto wallets, a Bitcoin wallet has the public and private key Bitcoin address. The private key is used to access the Bitcoin interface and address or the public key with the Bitcoin network. This is basically a pin since it is usually presented as a 12-word pass. The pin or words mean that one can access their Cryptocurrency wallet from any place. In case they lose their wallet, they can use their paraphrase to recover the same. The public address or key is important in sending and receiving BTC or Bitcoin between parties.

Why do I need a Bitcoin wallet?

Before the purchase of Bitcoin, one should create a wallet to store them. They can either be stored on desktops or mobile devices and when one sets up the wallets, they should get a private key functioning as the password access to Bitcoin. In the process of the transaction, towards the end, a user receives a public key that links them from a Bitcoin user to another user. It is imperative to note that wallets must not be bought on eBay. They might be selling a wallet that has been tampered with to steal the buyer’s Bitcoin. Regardless of the wallet one chooses, the security of their Bitcoin must come first.

What should you look for in a Bitcoin wallet?

When purchasing the first Bitcoin, one needs a wallet where they can secure their Bitcoin. Deciding on the Bitcoin wallet to use is also critical in becoming a user. Since one is investing their funds in Bitcoin, an appropriate wallet is a crucial step to entirely consider. There are numerous wallets to choose from. Understanding what to check before choosing the best wallet to use is crucial. There are few suggestions to help one make a rational decisions.

Security of the wallet is quite paramount and must not be overlooked. In case it is a web wallet, one should check whether the website has HTTP or HTTPS. It must be HTTPS for the protocol to be secure. If the wallet offers strong and secure logins, it is the one to decide on. Moreover, it has to have wallet a two-factor authentication (2FA). They are just some few issues to consider making an accurate decision.


Together with the secure wallet platform, the use must check whether the wallet offers a “multisig” option. It is a preferred method needed in Bitcoin securing from attackers and theft. Multisig also refers to needing more than a single key for Bitcoin transaction authorization. An analogy that is easy to understand is a lockbox where it takes two entities with diversified keys to open the box.

Owning your individual Bitcoin

If one has no access to the private keys for Bitcoin in the wallet, they technically cannot control them. this is a crucial factor when selecting the wallet. Having the ability to posses the private key is an assurance that one will have control over their Bitcoin and the ability to log in and out of the wallet. It allows one to back up their wallet outside the wallet service.

The wallet promoting reuse

You should ensure that the wallet is Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) and whether it is a plus since HD wallets use new addresses of Bitcoin increasing the privacy of the user. Bitcoin user privacy when using wallets is a crucial issue. Deterministic wallets are a step forward to have a rounded architecture and more protection for new users.


It’s crucial for a wallet provider to be transparent in the way they operate and significantly check if the code is an open-source. If it is not an open-source, it might be difficult to say how the provider of the wallet secures your Bitcoin. Open source code can sometimes be peer reviewed and analyzed for vulnerabilities. You must also ensure that the code remains up to date.


Anonymity is a crucial issue in the selection of a wallet. Check whether it accepts minimal registration information to use in the wallet. The presence of a user verification process is part of the few things to consider before choosing your wallet.

User experience

Check whether the wallet has ease of use or is confusing. It should theoretically, be simple and one which does not require much experience to register.

If a wallet is specifically made for mobile devices is what one must prefer whether they are an advanced or new user. They can download a full Bitcoin user directly to their machine. Other options include a tough approach with wallet hardware devices which you can use in offline storing of Bitcoin.

Wallet back up

They are important Bitcoin wallet aspects. The provider of the wallet is a way of backing up the wallet.

The encryption of the wallet and the restoration process ease of use and availability. These options are pertinent in loading one’s wallet with Bitcoin.

Is it reputable?

It is a significant question when you want to ensure the wallet is among the best. Check the wallet on Bitcoin Forum or the Bitcoin Reddit to see what other people are saying. In case there is no feedback, inquire to know who has used it and how the experience was.


•       It’s easy and free to set up

•       Accessibility: the money directly lives on the laptop or smartphone.

•       Convenience: using Bitcoin wallets always allows one to send and receive Bitcoins through scanning QR code.


Desktop and mobile wallets are quite insecure to store large Bitcoin amounts.

TOP-Bitcoin wallets

Desktop wallets

Desktop wallets’ Pros

Accessibility of your money lives directly on the laptop or smartphone

Easy and free to setup

Convenience- using Bitcoin mobile wallets allows one to receive and send Bitcoins through scanning a given QR code.

Desktop wallets’ Cons

Desktop and mobile wallets are not adequately secure in storing large Bitcoin amounts.

Physical hardware Wallets

It is recommended when one owns over 1000 dollars in Bitcoin


Security: they are also referred to as cold storage, which has been designed in protecting malware private keys, phishing and virus. They are the most appropriate way of storing Bitcoins.

Portability: the hardware can be linked to any Linux, Windows or Mac machine as an external device. It can be used everywhere across the world, in various machines.

Extensibility: the wallet is compatible with various wallets: Mycelium, MultiBit HD, and others.


Price: they are not free, but are an appropriate expense when holding larger Bitcoin amounts.

Paper wallets

They are different from other wallet types and are always described as a secure method of storing Cryptocurrency.

Unlike online wallets, the Bitcoin form storage is completely physical and offline, giving one full control. A paper wallet is just the way it sounds, this piece of paper contains the public address and private key, normally printed in the QR code. Being a physical storage form, this means that one should take sufficient care in protecting the paper.

Individuals with paper wallets often shield the paper, or put in a tamper-proof envelope and saved in a safe to completely secure and safe.

Purchase cost



Offline: the wallet’s offline nature is protected from malware and hackers.


Fragile: they must be kept with care and thought.

Electrum wallets

It is a hot type of wallet

It s purchase cost is free

The compatible hardware wallet is Ledger and Trezor

It has no incorporated exchange

It is an original Bitcoin wallet that has been in existence since 2011, around 2 years after the creation of Bitcoin, and has slightly changed. While the wallet is bare-bones in its user interface and its Bitcoin commitment, it excels at primary function.  It is quite suited for advances crypto users because of its complex options. It is open-source, which allows users to create custom transaction fees. It also has options of creating between Segwith and Bitcoin legacy. It also gives its users the provision to determine the security level. For instance, a user can create a standard wallet that has 2-factor verification, and or a multi-signature wallet. Users should elongate their seed phrase using custom words. Electrum is ideal for the Bitcoin holder who wants awesome customizability and security features in a simple layout.

Electrum Pros

It has some customizable fees for a transaction

Its level of security is greater than almost all other hot wallets

Its ability for customization of seed phrase is a plus

Electrum Cons

It user interface is bare-bones

It solely works for Bitcoin

It has no customer support

Mycelium wallets

It’s a hot wallet type

Its purchase cost is free

Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey are compatible hardware software, and has incorporated exchange.


Mycelium is a mobile-mobile only wallet. It currently solely supports Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokes, ETH, and FIO token. More so, Mycelium is somewhat similar to the Electrum wallet with some of its distinctions being that it’s only supported on a mobile platform. It has a better user interface as compared to Electrum and also a built-in exchange. Just like Electrum, it is among the first wallets in the crypto world. Users can decide on how long to wait before a transaction is completely done. It also has awesome features that allow users to hold individual Bitcoins in their offline storage device when using its interface to view their holdings.


  •         Has customizable fees (transaction)
  •         Supporting open-source software.
  •         Users can use hardware wallets


Confusing for a beginner

No desktop but only Mobile supported

Ledger Nano X Wallet

It is a cold type of wallet with a $119 purchase cost but has no incorporated exchange.

The Ledger Nano X is a 2nd generation hardware wallet from a French hardware company started in 2014. Its first Cryptocurrency, the Ledger Nano S was one unique on the cryptocurrency market with a domination of the crypto space for quite some time.

In 2020 July, it had some serious hacks which revealed substantial customer information that include phone numbers, name, home addresses, and email addresses. Despite not affecting individual’s private keys, it has adequately led many people to question the Ledger’s integrity of its matters internal security.  The Nano X ledger looks like a USB drive but the device via Bluetooth USB.

It means that one can connect their wallet to their Android or iOS and do not require a computer. This adequately supports 1,000 cryptocurrencies.


Has Bluetooth convenience connectivity

It stores to a maximum of 100 distinct apps

Open source software that has added community support and customer benefit

The ledger live has a convenient and intuitive user interface


a)     Its Bluetooth integration is a probable cyber-attack vector and USB is another option

b)     It has not perfected its Bluetooth feature

c)     Has limited wallet storage

How to choose the best crypto wallet

To buy crypto or other currency, one needs hardware or online wallet to store and trade their digital currency.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet

The wallet that suits you best greatly depends on a number of factors, like buying needs, and why you need the wallets. After starting to buy Bitcoin, an online wallet will be the most user-friendly and easiest to manage Bitcoins.

You can set up a Bitcoin wallet by:

1.    Going to the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS

2.    Search and download Bitcoin wallet

3.    Open the app then write somewhere the 24-word recovery phrase. It is quite important because it is the backstop of the wallet

4.    Create a strong password

5.    Deposit Bitcoin to the new wallet

6.    Use the wallet address to receive Bitcoins

Keep your coins safe

Individuals should create enough backups of private keys to protect the wallet against fire, robbery, or failure of the hard drive. Back up keys must be safely kept off-site.

It is advisable never to give private keys to any person. Sharing this with people means that one is literally depositing funds in their hands.

Hardware wallets require that when generating private keys, one is in a secure and offline environment.

Desktop and mobile wallets require keeping the software data updated. The latest wallet software wallet will be highly secured.


Best Cryptocurrency wallets must have adequate security measures that are crucial in the safeguarding of an individual’s Bitcoin account. With a Bitcoin app, users can easily access their Bitcoin via mobile from anywhere.

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