Best Crypto Launchpads in 2022

When you become an early participant in crypto trading, you win big. Aggregators are key when coming up with exceptional projects to chuck out any form of traction. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to such a move is that locating such projects is hard, especially when the stage is still in its tender state. Failing to locate the projects at that stage simply means that some of the key returns are also missed. Crypto launchpads now come into play as they are responsible for solving all the challenges that are listed above.

Before anything makes its way to the mainstream, launchpads are responsible for checking the early parts of projects. Worthy mentioning is AngelList crypto, which is very efficient in the way it operates. The mishap of projects has been ongoing and the entrance of the launchpad onto the market quickly grabbed attention, and it became an ultimate problem solver.

Launchpads were designed in such a way that they discover projects from pre-sale rounds. Pre-sale rounds are fused with an efficient vetting procedure that is there to guard against digital crime.

Everyone in cryptocurrency wants assurance and there is no better way to get that than through crypto launchpads. All of your investments are secured and are safe. In this article, we will look at the following:

  • What a crypto Launchpad is and how it operates
  • A few examples of the best crypto launchpads
  • Few steps to get started
  • Answers to general questions when it comes to crypto launchpads, and more

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

What are we talking about when it comes to Crypto launchpads? Well, the introduction has touched on some of the defining detail but in actual terms, launchpads are designed platforms that grant crypto users an opportunity to purchase into fresh projects prior to public dispatch.

Crypto launchpads are user-friendly because are fused with exchanges and many projects which are also designed for such a function. The initial step in understanding the basics of crypto launchpads is by gaining knowledge on how best the same projects bring money to the table.

Below we have listed for you some of the factors that rest along that line.

  • Every fresh project has targeted certain specific services and product development.
  • The formation of a token is always important
  • Everyone who invests quickly will be awarded fair amounts of tokens depending on how much they would have invested.
  • After granting tokens to the early investors, the same tokens are then posted to the public.
  • Investment growth allows investors to get big gains while those that claimed tokens early gain more and more.

Let us delve into a little bit of history. From 2017 going back, early token provisions would be dispatched straight to the website but a specific target price was tagged to the token for many investors to purchase them.

Back then, the price of the token had a specific name and it was Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Investors had the privilege of purchasing the tokens and keeping them before they are officially dispatched on the exchange.

The system was all a jeopardy when cryptocurrency owners discovered that the rate of scams where increasing day by day. Confidence among prospect investors was reducing rapidly and it placed the digital business in danger. Like always, many fresh and prospective investors lack proper knowledge of crypto expectations, platforms details, and crypto tradition and it became a big enough scam fiesta for digital hackers and crime lords.

Such happenings made cryptocurrency exchanges go about searching and understanding how best to gain hold of revenue. The system had now laid on a base of confusion but the rise of the pre-sale token was a successful solution to a threatening phenomenon that had challenged not only new investors but seasonal investors also.

With such a host of good enough investors, the token initiative was a smooth and successful project. Purchasing into fresh projects became dominant while central exchanges made their way to the top. The later known Binance became wide enough, one of the initial steps in what was to become the launchpad era.

Investors can also opt for decentralized exchanges that have a fair share of benefits. Decentralized exchanges are able to grant investors good enough chances to buy into crypto projects. The dominance of centralized and decentralized projects has been beneficial in both the modern and post crypto era respectively.

What are the available and reputable launchpads? Below we have made life easy for you by listing efficient platforms.

Best Cryptocurrency Launchpads

Binance Launchpad

When it comes to trading volume and revenue flows, Binance is most exceptional. It is rated as the best exchange. Has a host database of users and prospect investors have been amazed at what Binance can do on the market. Being the first to use IEO, Binance has gone the extra mile of granting investors opportunities to access fresh projects.

Binance informing ability is able to give investors knowledge about token sales.  We all know that Binance has a BNB signature, from its initial era to the current one and the exchange has made it a success to incorporate BNB in the token sale.

In actual fact, at the end of every subscription period, fresh tokens have to be made in the BNB symbol, a great indication that Binance has laid a foundation. There are many projects so far that have managed to use the Binance Launchpad. From Kava Labs (KAVA), FC Barcelona fan token (BAR), and Polygon (MATIC).


It is a reliable source of launchpad projects. The best when it comes to project enhancement. Though it offers high levels of launchpad expertise, charges are variably low and affordable. From as little as 0.1 BNB, which is equivalent to £24, you are able to access Binance. Investors have an opportunity to gain more because Binance is linked with reputable project sources like AXS. When it comes to liquidity, it is fast due to various coin types shown on the launchpad.


For those prospective investors located in the far West of the USA, it’s a no-no if you wish to access Binance. Regulations in the USA do not allow trading using  Binance. Portfolio management is at risk because Binance has a long and firm relationship with many projects creating a problem of exposure.

Kucoin Spotlight

Get into the spotlight with Kucoin Spotlight, a tributary of Binance launchpad. Just like its base, it grants investors the opportunity to access coins untouched by anyone. It has that exclusive project access that is fantastic. It is not really different from Binance because it also has token sales offers and lists of exchanges.

In short, it is called KCS and there is a lock option that allows an investor to exclusively purchase their token, store it in their respective accounts and then release them for sale at a state public trading date. KuCoin has its fair share of exchanges just like Binance.

From Bitbns (BNS) to Chromia (CHR), investors can play around with the various options on offer. Do not expect something exceptional from KuCoin but participants are actually getting fair deals and good returns. Let us delve into the advantages of KuCoin.


Very easy and fast to reach out to liquidity status on the available token listings. KuCoin, unlike many platforms, is user-friendly and appropriate for many averages and high-bidding investors. The vetting procedures are top-notch as they result in exceptional results. From a minimum of 10 KCS, which is equivalent to £51, an investor is able to take part in Spotlight activities.


Though KuCoin seems to be the hub of activity for most average investors, it is yet to offer fantastic expectations. It has been haunted by series of underperformance base on the lack of diversity. Just like Binance, it is not allowed in the US because of many regulatory considerations.

MakerDAO Pad

MakerDAO is an underdog platform that is mainly focused on Ethereum under blockchain and how best can it operate on a decentralized application. This low lying excites bases transactions on ERC which broke into their scene in the year 2019. From then on, Ethereum has managed to grab investors’ attention, becoming the main driver.

Just like KuCoin, an investor has a lock option to protect their pre-purchased tokens and then dispatch them for sale by opening the account. Basically, there are two ways that can be used if you wish to put your token on the market.

One, you use Strong Holder Offering (SHO). On the second option, you can use SEED which is all about specific and well-structured seed rounds geared to enhance investor allocation. The only outstanding difference between the two is that SHO was made for each and account holder or investor while SEED is a bit selective

In total and of late, DAO has brought $40 million on the table. A big enough money for such a low-performing platform. Check out its reputable list of projects which include Orio Protocol (ORION) and Elrond Network.


With such an underlaying capacity, DAO has a popping ability to give investors big profits or returns. By simply placing their account token stake, investors can actually make fast and quick access to the market.


It is expensive since investors are only allowed to place 500 DAO pieces, which is equivalent to £1100 so as to participate. Too much focus is placed on Ethereum and if you lack any detail on Ethereum, then it’s a no-no for you.


Pools and pools of investors can actually enter PolkaStarter in a fast and efficient way. This platform is quite unique, it is a concentrated platform that focuses on community launch rather than taking charge over vetting and listing access. It is key to know that many people can participate fully with fixed and dynamic tokens.

3000 POLS is what is required to get an efficient project. Polkadot allows investors to hold up their purchases before the main release. Polkadot is the main framework that determines network patterns. PolkaStarter has been perfectly combined with Convergence and Ethernity.


Blockchain is very effective. Firm communities can perform viable fundraising, unlike many platforms that have to reliance on voting. Has a large host of investor who is currently numbering at 200,000. Has some of the renowned project’s successes.


It is demanding with 3,000, equivalent to £3000. The figure sabotages small to average investment. If you know that you lack proper knowledge about decentralized finance, then it’s a no-no for you.

PancakeSwap IFO

Relies on BSC while performing as a decentralized platform. Proper liquidity access is achievable while token trading is top-notch. Find start-up and efficient launchpad operation is not only reliable but also outstanding as compared to other platforms.

PancakeSwap IFO has a pool called CAKE-BNB. This pool bases its operation on liquidity. The pool is conducive and at the same time convinces many investors on how you make it out remain. Liquidity tokens are placed on the line to initiate Helmet Insure (HELMET) is one of the prominent projects.


PancakeSwap requires no KYC. Charges are average, standing at £71 which is equivalent to CAKE-BNB valued at $100. High returns and gains at the end of a transaction. Liquidity reach is highly probable.


Tax charges are high considering that 0.5% tag. It is mandatory to learn more about DeFi hence showing much focus on it.

How to Get Started with Crypto Launchpads

Every platform has its guides and rules hence one has to take proper steps on regulations. Such guides and regulations include the highest and lowest amount of money to start up, procedures, and how long it takes to purchase and lock tokens. After acquiring such information, it becomes easy for the investor when it comes to transactions.

The biggest secret is to buy tokens way ahead of the established deadline to shun away from unnecessary expensive charges. Proper networking is always key for example when you use Metamask, a perfect connection with Binance and Ethereum is possible. Remember, network charges are needed in form of BNB and ETH. The final step is to link or log in with your wallet.


What is the difference between Launchpad Token Sale and Pre-Sale?

Yes, Launchpad is more expensive than pre-sale. Pre-sale is accessible to all the investors while launchpad is a bit selective.

Is it advisable to Invest in Launchpad Projects?

It is advisable to use launchpad because taking part in token sales is a big enough risk that allows enduring of projects. The volatility rate of fresh coins is high and this means that the amount of money you gain in that period can be hacked and stolen in quick succession. Launchpad projects depend on what appetite you have to endure and make proper decisions on how you will maintain with portfolio.

Crypto Launchpads can give you how much?

One thing you have to understand is that the amount of money is not rigid; it is always fluctuating from one moment to another. You can get amounts tagged multiple times the invests or you can get an average figure. It all depends on the pace and shape of the market.


The article has made it clear that launchpads are ideal when it comes to proper means of project management and gains. The advantages and disadvantages of various coins have been lucidly brought to light and investors (seasonal and prospective) can assess them to get the perfect fit.

Projects should be assessed properly and the relative nature of tax charges should be put into consideration. Create a comparison, as we showed on launchpads to choose the best one for you. Launchpads are the way to go. The whole process becomes easy because it’s largely user-friendly. Investors have that extra guarantee to backup funds when transacting.

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