How to buy Clover (CLV) in 2022

Clover Finance aims to be a multi-purpose platform that handles finances and more than one blockchain. This platform supports developers of decentralized applications to use platforms that are Ethereum-based in supporting infrastructure that focuses on Polkadot. On a whole, this platform focuses on growing and building a society where a cross-chain is more functional while adding Bitcoins and other blockchains into their system.

Offering its users a multi-chain wallet that is always available online, the wallet is capable of hosting more and different types of tokens. It can also be accessed on quite a lot of Polkadot and Etherum based decentralized applications that are infants in the market.

Making the transactions process for its customers is the main goal for Clover Finance, which means transactions will be made without paying for gas expenses. This is achieved by allowing users to pay fees with the same token they are transacting. This makes Clover Finance better as compared to the other decentralized applications that need gas expenses paid in form of tokens.

Crucial in the governance and economic buildup of CloverFinance is the cross-chain token called the CLV. This token functions on both networks, that is, the Etherum Virtual Machine and Poladots networks. These have a variety of use cases like putting decentralized applications on the Clover protocol, voting for the members of the council, transaction fees payment, and staking.

Below, we share how you can buy Clover.

A quick guide on buying Clover token

In order to be able to buy Clover on most of the cryptocurrency exchanges, you are supposed to have either Bitcoin or Etherum to exchange with. It’s not complicated because you can buy both of the two cryptocurrencies at Binance with a credit card or a Bank account. That means you are not able to buy Clover with USD, with debit card, or with Paypal. Follow the steps to buying CLV below to get started.

Step One: Set up your Coinbase account

Binance is accessible on both iOS that is iPhones or Android applications but it is less complicated to use their website to set your exchange account.

  • Visit their website page.
  • On the website is a “get started” box, enter your email address.

Please make sure that you have entered the correct email address or use an email you are directly linked to. This should be the same email you will be using to sign in to your Binance account.

  • You are then asked to choose either an individual or business profile and for instance, you choose the individual profile setup make sure to use your official name as Coinbase because it will be needed to verify account ownership.
  • An email is sent directly to your email address for verification. The email contains a link, click it. This process is annoying for most people but it is also necessary especially for those that will be funding their account with money because it is a security measure.
  • At this stage it’s either you are already signed into your Binance account or you are now capable of signing in to your Binance account. For security purposes for the hard-earned money you are using to fund your account, there should be more other steps to verify in order to complete the process.

First, you should verify the mobile phone number. This is because Binance needs your mobile number for setting up the Two-factor authentication for your account to secure your account even more. If there are any changes Binance uses your mobile phone number to text you the information.

A lot of people think the mobile number process is a scam but it has been verified that it is just for major changes updates like purchases updates.

  • At this point, you are required to set up the funding sourcing you intend on using that is the process you will use to plan and buy Bitcoins and Etherum which is either your credit card or your bank account.

Lucky you have this guide to either use Bitcoinsnor Etherum to buy Clover. Better use the Credit Card option because if so you are able to buy immediately without delays and you can exchange your coins instantly as well. However, upon opening your account, purchases are limited to $750 on a weekly basis on a credit card.

The Bank account option which can also find your account will also have your cryptocurrency not available for about four to five days (business). Considering you have put your purchase price on lock instantly upon time of purchase, purchase to begin buying Clover will be a bit difficult.

Step Two: Make your first purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) at Coinbase

After setting up a coinbase account, a user should be now able to buy their first Bitcoin or Etherum which is then used for Clover purchasing.

If you are looking for an easy and reliable cryptocurrency investment plan, Binance got you covered. With Binance, you have to go to your BUY page and choose the currency you would like to use. Almost all of the exchanges that invest in Clover allow purchases in Bitcoin.

Take your time deciding the amount you want to put into investments because this involves money. It is okay not to purchase a full coin but a portion of a coin. This decision will be of use in your future cryptocurrency investments.

After this choose the funding source you intend on using which is the credit card then click Buy. Congratulations you have made your first purchase of Bitcoins (or Etherum).

While buying your Bitcoin of Etherum you may have realized that the coinbase charges a few cents for credit card transactions however Bitcoins make it the main thing to tell you right before you make the purchases.

Step Three: Use your Bitcoin or Ethereum investment to purchase Clover (CLV)

This step shows you how to buy Clover with the investments that you gained from Coinbase. Users should transfer their Bitcoin or Etherum investment into another form of cryptocurrency exchange because with Binance you can only buy Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ethrerum, and Litecoin.

At this point, you can purchase Clover at more than one and reliable cryptocurrency exchange site. The wallet system comes into play when you want to transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum from Binance to the exchange of your choice. This is done when one has a trading account that’s already set up with an exchange.

Your account’s Bitcoin or Etherum wallet identification process is required at the exchange that you have to choose to buy Clover from. A lot of exchanges show a Deposit option usually near or next to Bitcoin or Etherum. A create option is displayed when you are on the Deposit option. This is to enable you to create your wallet identification and it is only for your account.

Take note of the details you are purchasing because it is crucial. Make sure the wallet identification is for the correct currency you intend to buy for because Ethereum wallets are meant for Etherum and so goes for Bitcoins wallets.

If you have the correct currency wallet identification, you can now go back to your Binance account.

After this process comes to the waiting process. This is because your transfer goes through channels in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to verify its value. During this process, there is nothing for you to do except waiting for your response. This process could take five minutes or even a day depending on the day.

The update is posted in your Binance account and so is a link to track your transfer. If your transfer is legit and confirmed, it is also posted in your exchange account which makes it readily available for use to buy Clover.

If a user bought  Bitcoins at Binance they should look for CLV/BTC investments and if they bought Etherum they should look forCLV/ETH investment

In case the investment option for the currency you purchased as Binance is not available, you trade your currency into the exact currency.

Step 4: Purchase Clover

After this, you are able to buy Clover, and lucky you, there will be quite a lot of options to help you get started. You can buy at the price tag at the market which is the price that Clover will be currently going for. Buying at this price is not bad but in case you want to buy at a price lower than the currently tagged one, you can check for the limit price.

Limit price refers to a situation whereby a buyer wants Clover but they want to purchase it with their specific amount. This process requires the potential buyer to wait for the price to reach their specific amount then their order for Clover is processed. However, users should take note of the demand for Clover on the market because the demand might mean that the chances of Clover selling at low prices are not high.

Regardless of your trade choice, Clover prices are always tagged according to the currency you are trading with, which is either Bitcoin or Etherum.

Exchanges to buy CLV


Binance has been dominating the scene. One of the biggest advantages offered by Binance is that of lower fees, making it the best place to buy CLV. Exchanges charge little while users enjoy high liquidity charts that make possible instantaneous purchases and selling in a moving market.

Luckily, many countries across the world allow Binance operation on THORChain, these include Australia, Singapore, and the UK while those from the USA are barred. Though Binance is barred from the USA, it still maintains large customer bases in many countries across the world and it looks highly probable that it will grow so huge to disband any form of competition.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC process
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Buy your crypto


Next to Binance is Coinbase. By purchasing either bitcoin or ethereum, you are actually setting a good Coinbase takeoff. Coinbase, just like Binance, is one of the bigger and more dominating exchanges on cryptocurrency. An extra package of $10 worth of bitcoin is as a result of purchasing $100 cryptos. To kick-off, insert your email. Account verification is the best because you should use your name. Set a strong password to guarantee safety.

After inserting an email, confirmation will come instantly. Take note, the confirmation contains a link that has a mobile number. 2FA, a two-way authentication process should be used. It is very efficient and has good security measures. Make sure that this feature is always on to ensure long-lasting security.

Verification should be opted for in the next step. Never mind the daunting process, it is just a procedure but it’s just part and parcel of the asset claiming process. Luckily, Coinbase customers are guaranteed safety because it is regulated in the US, UK, and EU. Expect sheer automation and good functionality, all the transactions are automatic meaning customers should not wait for more than 15 minutes.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Sign up or sign into Coinbase
  • On the upper right-hand side, select buy
  • Choose your token/coin from the list of option
  • Specify the amount that you want to buy
  • Preview the transaction and confirm purchase
  • Click Buy to complete your transaction


Established in 2013, Huobi Global has been good at taking up the crypto market by storm. At some point, Huobi had collected $1 trillion. Reaching over 130 countries, Huobi has become a trending exchange in this hub of competitive exchanges. Unfortunately, USA customers can not access it. If you are looking for that Ultimate Mirror Protocol, Huobi is the best option to go for.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Click on Buy Crypto
  • Choose Buy and select the crypto or fiat that you want to buy
  • Select Wallet Balance to use as your payment method
  • Confirm all the details and click confirm


Since it was launched, KuCoin has grown to become a top crypto exchange that serves worldwide. The platform offers features that are quite impressive, including the following:

  • Fiat onramp
  • Passive income services
  • Margin trading exchange
  • Futures
  • Crypto crowdfunding
  • P2P marketplace
  • Non-custodial trading

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Make sure that you log in and opt for a spot on the tab
  • To make MIR transactions, make sure that you choose the BTC market
  • From then on, more focus on Mirror Protocol which has a proper tab. Create a trading pair consisting of Mirror Protocol/BTC
  • Password is always key when purchasing
  • Insert your password to ensure proper security

Next is This is a more ideal exchange that has a lot of guarantees. The most fantastic feature of is the user interface. Very friendly to beginners and they can actually move up the charts to become specialists and professional technical traders. was launched in the year 2013 and from then it has been creating a huge base of altcoins for many users. You can easily maneuver in the market with For those trading in the USA, this is the best choice.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Sign up for an account
  • Complete the KYC verification process
  • Fund your wallet
  • Choose a trading pair and buy


Okex is very popular and has been used by many traders across the world. Traders have an opportunity to trade as many altcoins as possible. Among the altcoins is enzyme. Okex has an Asian influence and but there is much probability that broadening is key.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account on OKEx
  • Verify your account
  • Go to the Buy page and select the currency that you prefer
  • Specify your preferred payment option and how much you want to buy
  • Click buy

How Clover Finance project is different

  • It is trustworthy because it is not involved with any centralized governance system.
  • No delays when it comes to access, because no account verification process is there
  • Polkadot Network system enables the quick and cheap transactions process compared to Ethrerum.
  • No personal information is stored by the system
  • Users are responsible for their funds which makes it a secure platform
  • Efficiency because it offers cross-chain communication.

Clover platform can change decentralized applications (DeFi)sers to upper layer application users. Upper layer application users can put more value to the market than DeFi users Clover aims at creating a societal platform that evolves around developers and their needs and wants. Innovation of DeFi protocols will be encouraged by developers by offering them rewards.

Things to consider before buying CLV

Investments always come up with negative and positive sides and so does this investment. It is important that users are aware of the risks that come with this. Plans could go upside down. Fact that this decision is financial, users should consider the following risks before making any commitments:

Competition- Being one of a big community of DeFi projects Clover Finance also is focused on solving limitations factors that are currently come with blockchains. Competition is also seen on the Polkadot network that has bridges that function counting up to 6 that is for inter-chain transactions which means Clover is up for a big fight for market shares with quite a lot of platforms.

Development team- Clover Finance has a full closure system when it comes to developers’ identifications while other DeFi platforms do not disclose such information. This information usually works really well for most investors because they can do a background check on founders.

Accessibility: Most major exchanges have Clover readily available for purchase, even Coinbase, and the Kraken.

Novelty: Clover tokens are still babies in the community. It is good to buy Clover at its early stages like this but some investors wait to see how the prices will go high or low with time. They also monitor developers in the early stages

Where to store CLV token


This is a hardware wallet brand that has two models namely the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S . These devices all have a chip that is safe and secure and generates and encrypts your wallet’s private keys randomly. Private keys are a security measure that ensures that no one else but you gets access t4o your accounts. It is the one that also gives you access to your wallet.

NB: If you are looking for safe cryptocurrency storage, hardware wallets are your go-to solution.

Let’s take a close look at the Nano S Ledger. It is a basic model that has security and a simple touch to it. This hardware wallet also has a Bluetooth function and also a screen that is much bigger but at a doubled price in comparison to the basic model. If it comes to supporting cryptocurrencies, Nano Sledger and Nano ledger both can support the major cryptocurrencies like Etherum, Bitcoin Ripple, and all the ERC-20 tokens even the Quant.

Binance Wallet

Yes, hardware wallets have a reputation for being the safest as compared to software wallets, however software wallets are not complicated, rather they are easy and they are vital for communication with many other decentralized finance applications. The fact that software application is accessible online make them a cyber attack workplace because they will be vulnerable. Software wallets have their advantages if you use them for instance it is easy to use and access and it is flexible, it can also interact with other decentralized applications.

Coinbase Wallet is Binance powerful and secure software wallet. It can be accessed as a browser extension and also as a mobile application on either iOS and Android. The software wallet has a list of impressive features that can not be found on any other software wallet.

One of the features available on the software wallet is an option where you can trade your cryptocurrencies with someone else and an option that allows the keeping of non-fungible tokens or NFTs online. If you have a dApp browser, it means you can use DeFi applications on the application. Most recognized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ERC-20s are supported by Binance.

Privacy and security tips

Some of you might be considering keeping or holding Clover for a long time and if so, it is better to explore how best you can keep it safe. Take note of the fact that, even though Binance is safe storage, it has recorded cases of hacks and losing funds due to the hacks. Wallets in exchange are always online(hot wallets) which makes them exposed and vulnerable hence not safe.

If you are looking for a safe way to store your coins for a long time, you might want to consider the “Cold wallets”. These types of wallets only have access to blockchains or go online to send out funds which reduces the chances of hacks. An example of a cold wallet is a paper wallet and it is a generated offline pair of public and private addresses which you will have memorized or jotted somewhere. This might be safe but it does not last long enough and also has its own disadvantages.

Another option that is better is the hardware wallet which is mostly enabled by USB on devices and they keep the most important information regarding your wallet in a more secure way. They have top-notch security and they have regularly checked firmware by manufacturers making it safe. Costing about $50 and $100 is the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets that are are good for holding assets.


The platform created by Clover Finance is a design that can help build a base for cross-chain comparability. Clover Finance has a multichain connected wallet and it has users connecting to Polkadot applications and Web3js. It also allows users to connect to blockchains that are not related for like Avalanche, Ethereum, and the Binance Smart Chain.

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