How to buy Etomica (XEC) in 2022

When you are looking for that ultimate Ethereum-based token, we recommend Etomica (XEC). It is an official ERC-20 token that can be used on many crypto exchanges. This token is one of the best Ethereum Mainnet available on the market now. The best part of Etomica is basically about engaging on DeFi platforms, which is a decentralized platform.

Newbies have a chance to govern and be part and parcel of decision-making. It is a fresh token that is dominating the market in 2022. Now you are probably wondering where to buy XEC coins or the best place to buy Etomica, but worry no more, we have designed a quick Etomica guide to help you understand more about the token Read on.

A quick guide on buying Etomica

The purchasing process is very simple. Even new beginners and newbies can easily maneuver through the process. This step-by-step procedure is expertly reviewed so make sure that you follow them in that same fashion. Luckily for traders, it’s highly possible to purchase with a debit or credit card. In some countries, bank transfers have different policies.

1. Obtain ETH or BTC

For you to end up with an Etomica token you simply have to get it, make sure that you obtain enough Bitcoin or Ethereum. These are the most popular cryptocurrencies available. You significantly have to reach out to prominent and reputable exchanges that allow trading of BTC or ETH. Most exchanges do not allow fiat to Xec coin so there is a need to purchase BTC or Ethereum. In this case, we will use Binance. Binance will be used to purchase Xec using bitcoin or ethereum.

You can also use Binance which is fairly advanced. Traders get $10 worth of bitcoin or ethereum when they trade $100 worth of crypto

Why Binance is recommended?

Binance has been there since 2017 meaning that it has been dominating the market for the past 6 years. Binance since its inception has been wowing traders with diverse cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

It is also possible to officiate fiat to cryptocurrency transactions. It was launched in China and now it is headquartered in Malta, a location found in Europe. There are no extra charges on the platform and expect absolutely conducive and flexible exchange rates.

Now that we know the whereabouts of Binance, we shall be referring to this exact exchange in further detail.

2. Deposit BTC or ETH on exchange: Binance

Wait for the KYC process which is very important for security purposes. KYC is a fast process depending on your network pace and location. Expect a 30-minute interval or when the process delays that much, it can go for a day. When the process concludes, reach out for the Binance page and then select either bitcoin or ethereum. When your major crypto of choice is in position, approve and move to the next step.

We recommend that traders use bank transfer because they are more ideal. Another reason is that bank transfer displays are not complicated for new traders. Copy the BTC or ETH address that is represented with a strain of numbers and letters. Your address is your identity and that’s what you use to transact further crypto.

Go back to Binance and then select the asset list. On the asset, list select send to affect the next step. Verify your address on the clipboard before. Make sure that you copy the wallet address and place it on the clipboard.

Below we list some important steps that have to be taken under the Binance page

  • check your wallet after pasting your address and further steps
  • if crypto has not yet been sent, wait a bit because cryptocurrency traffic can at times be fully packed.

As you copy your bitcoin address, make sure that your device is free from malware and anti-virus. Also make sure that your address is verified twice, just to make sure.

3. Trade XEC token

We now have bitcoin or ethereum in the account. The next step is to reach out to Binance and reach out for an exchange platform. Do not be shocked by the complex display, it’s just simple if you focus on what you are looking for. Look at the right side of the screen and opt for bitcoin. Choose Xec and then pair with bitcoin. Check out trading rates and confirm. The process is very easy.

Exchanges to buy XEC


Binance has been dominating the scene. One of the biggest advantages offered by Binance is that of lower fees. Exchanges charge little while users enjoy high liquidity charts that make possible instantaneous purchases and selling in a moving market.

Luckily, many countries across the world allow Binance operation on THORChain, these include Australia, Singapore, and the UK while those from the USA are barred. Though Binance is barred from the USA, it still maintains large customer bases in many countries across the world and it looks highly probable that it will grow so huge to disband any form of competition.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC process
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Buy your crypto

Next is This is a more ideal exchange that has a lot of guarantees. The most fantastic feature of is the user interface. Very friendly to beginners and they can actually move up the charts to become specialists and professional technical traders. was launched in the year 2013 and from then it has been creating a huge base of altcoins for many users. You can easily maneuver in the market with For those trading in the USA, this is the best choice.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Sign up for an account
  • Complete the KYC verification process
  • Fund your wallet
  • Choose a trading pair and buy


Last on our list is Uniswap. It is an ideal way of trading but it’s still an average exchange. It has its fair share of market competition in an industry dominated by Binance and Coinbase.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Log into Uniswap
  • Select Ethereum and then the token you want
  • Specify how much ETH you want to use
  • Confirm all the details and proceed with the transaction

What is Etomica (XEC)

As we have mentioned earlier, Etomica is the leading Ethereum based token that is tradable on various decentralized platforms. Traders are able to govern when they get hold of meaningful amounts of XEC tokens.

Governing entails making decisions in marketing communities and financials. Xec is dominating the scene in 2021 and in no time, traders will influx its wide communities.

Things to consider before buying XEC

It is very important that when you are about to consider XEC purchase, there are some basic factors which you should consider. These factors reduce wallet risks and cryptocurrency speculation.

1. Research

Research is very important to all cryptocurrency traders willing to invest in Xec. Make sure that you know all about the coin before you take part in a massive investment. That way you are guaranteed practical decisions and opportunities.

2. Use of Xec

It is pretty obvious that many traders around the world access Etomica coin from a different perspective. As a native token, some might use it to govern, transfer or send digital assets and effect smart contracts. Make sure that you know what you want to do before delving deep into investing.

3. Token developers

It is very important to get the gist and reputation of the designers. This is part and parcel of background information. Cryptocurrency is a growing market so make sure that you know the names behind the XEC tokens.

4. Size of the gaming community

Some times sizes of project communities vary. Some may amount to millions while some can be few enough to create a big industry.

5. Competition

Potions of the market are really dominated by competitive investors that have a lot of expertise and funds. Some of them have switched to Etomica token investments. So do make quality research on competition.

Where to store XEC token

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are perpendicular to cold wallets. They are the most ideal way of securing cryptocurrency and digital assets. Let us look at further details

  • they are not only cold but efficient in guarding crypto assets
  • online payments are also possible though at a sanctioned rate as compared to hot wallets
  • crypto transactions are very simple and more convenient
  • all you have to do is play around with plugging in your wallet with your device. Access your wallet and transfer the exact amount of crypto
  • however, hardware wallets offer supreme services hence charges are available

Now that we have elucidated on hardware wallets, we recommend that traders from across the market use Trezor, Ledger (Nano X and S), and Keepkey to trade, keep safe assets, and track balances.

Hardware wallet considerations

We have to say, hardware wallets have been used by many traders. We recommend that you obtain a hardware wallet from a reputable producer or manufacturer. Producer-supplied wallets are flexible when it comes to resetting. You can actually adjust and play around with settings to suit your desires.

Your wallet selection depends on your available portfolio. XEC token is a native wallet that is compatible with many wallet selections. However, there are some multi-currencies that do not actually support the rest of the coins.

We advise traders to use CryptoTag which is actually a good protection system laying on solid titanium plates. Let us look at a comparative approach of hot and cold wallets, available selections to store cryptocurrency assets.

Hot/Cold Wallets

  • cold wallets are not connected to the internet while hot wallets should be connected to the internet for transactions
  • hot wallets are more of short term browsing crypto-based payments while cold wallets are more of long term private key storage packages
  • examples of cold wallets include external USBs and external drives while hot wallets include cloud and mobile-based wallets
  • hot wallets are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks while cold wallets are more secured and hacker free

Though there is so much to talk of in terms of differentiation, traders can use cold and hot wallets at the same time.

Paper Wallet

Paper wallets have been used since the inception of crypto and bitcoin on the market. It is a traditional tool for keeping safe private keys and other crypto details

  • digital tokens can be stored
  • they are not connected to the internet
  • one of the most efficient ways of storing private keys
  • they have been popular since the early days of crypto until now

Privacy and security tips

i. Less hot and colder

It’s actually important to make more payments with cold wallets as compared with hot wallets. Cold wallets are really ideal for practical storage of private keys and keeping track of asset balances. Hot wallets are vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks. Remember that cold wallets have compatible encryptions that guarantee maximum security.

ii. Do not use public networks

We also recommend that traders use a VPN which has browsing history encryption and adjustable security measures. VPN can be used at home, which is a good thing really. Looking at public networks, they are too public and they can be compromised at any moment. Public Wi-Fi connections discourage maximum security and ideal privacy.

iii. Do not use a single wallet

Cryptocurrency is an ever-changing volatile market that has a lot of cumbersome risks. To protect both your assets and portfolio from these risks, we advise traders to open various wallets which have different investments. You spread the risk and have an asset guarantee.

iv. Regularly upgrade your device

We recommend that traders check out anti-virus statuses and software packages of your device of choice. By installing the latest anti-virus, you are actually guaranteeing your device against cyber-attacks and virus intrusions. Hackers are always on the loose to manipulate loopholes. There is a lot of vulnerabilities.

v. Do a regular password checkup and sort up

This is the most important tip. Passwords can be hacked at any time if you fail to change and insert a new version. We recommend that people use different passwords for different accounts.

Do not share passwords because your wallet or account can be compromised. Use 2FA and MFA security measures. These are advanced and top-notch. They have been used by many crypto-based platforms.

vi. Beware of phishing

There are many phishers out there. They send you dubious links and connections. Do not opt for links that are not authenticated.


Etomica platform has been on the radar, giving traders maximum smart contracts and trading opportunities on Ethereum based platforms. Xec is the ultimate token in 2022. Its native stance has been very lucrative. We hope that you are now aware of how to buy Etomica and Xec.

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