How to buy the FLOW token in 2021

FLOW only came online just recently in 2020. To such ends, many traders and investors are seen looking for how to buy FLOW. It is a rather unique blockchain token, developed for the next line of gaming technology and online simulations. This is a short look at how one can acquire the fast growing crypto asset.

Quick Guide on Buying FLOW: Buy instantly with BTC or USDT on Huobi

  1. Sign up to join the Huobi family. Some identification and user verification may be in requirement, the likes of ID cards, phone numbers, email addresses and origin countries
  2. The account needs to be funded with BTC or USDT. This can be done by purchasing the coins using fait payment options, or with separate wallets
  3. Enter the Spot market and select a trade pair with FLOW and any one of the funded coins
  4. Enter the respective amounts to buy and trade
  5. Confirm the trade by following the steps to Finalisation
  6. Withdraw the tokens from the platform account

How to buy FLOW

It is seen that these platforms operate more or less on the same principles. However, in depth analysis shows that there are some minute distinctions in each that could make all the difference to anyone looking to purchase FLOW. This is given as follows:


Huobi is recognised far and wide for its superb service provision and rather unusual support for abstract coins and tokens. On the platform, buying the FLOW token is a easy as:

  • Registering to the platform and logging onto the created account.
  • Placing funds into the Huobi crypto account. This can be done with either one of the three options; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT)
  • Navigating to the Spot Market from the upper menu, then clicking on the Exchange tab
  • Looking up ‘FLOW’ in the search bar. This shows all the viable trade pairs
  • Selecting the preferred pair and entering the required amount of FLOW tokens
  • Completing the purchase, providing details as required, and waiting as the coin is credited into the Huobi account wallet.

Modes of Payment – the trade can be made with either one of three crypto, where each can be purchased with Debit card, Credit cards, Visa or MasterCard


This exchange is carefully designed to be suitable for large scale investors and novice traders alike. It supports dozens of crypto tokens, inclusive of FLOW for USDT. Buying FLOW on this platform is only a few steps away, given as:

  • Signing up to join the exchange. This automatically creates an account, which is activated when the user logs on
  • Now, one can either link the account with a fiat mode of payment and purchase USDT with it, or use a pre-existing external wallet with the coin. Either way, the platform account needs to be funded with Tether.
  • Navigating to the upper menu and selecting the Market category, then pressing the Spot tab
  • From the given list, opt for FLOW, then click on the USDT/FLOW trade pair
  • Specify the amount of USDT to be spent and the required FLOW
  • Finish up by confirming the purchase order, upon which the FLOW is transmitted to the platform account

Modes of Payment – the USDT purchase can be funded with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, or with Bank Cards


Those looking to buy FLOW with USD are fresh out of luck. Kraken recently made some additions to their payment modules  and acceptance of the FLOW token, where none of them included the USD for direct purchases. The token purchase can be made by:

  • Joining the Kraken family by registering and providing all the necessities for user account verification
  • The user can make a fiat purchase of Tether or Bitcoin and then use to initiate the purchase. Alternatively, they can link their Kraken account to an external wallet with BTC or USDT and then siphon the necessary funds from it. The latter seems more convenient.
  • Navigating to the Prices tab. This will show a crypto list, from which FLOW is selected as the token to buy
  • Clicking on Buy/Sell, then entering the required amounts and the currency with which the trade is to be made
  • Giving the necessary payment credentials, then competing the purchase.

Modes of Payment – the fiat purchase of USDT or BTC can be made using Credit/Debit Cards, Western Union, SEPA or Bank Transfers


Conslist is recognised as one of the very first online exchanges to extend their support base to FLOW. It comes in a very simple website, one that is seemingly rigged for maximum efficiency above all else. To date, it may be the best place to buy the token, where it supports direct trades with USD and USDT. The steps to making a purchase are as follows:

  • Users need to make their way to the Coinlist website, where they then select the Exchange
  • They then need to log into their exchange accounts, or register to create new ones if none
  • Now, they make deposits in USD or USDT to fund their platform accounts
  • Initiate the purchase order, selecting a trade pair with FLOW and another currency as preferred
  • Providing the necessary details for the fiat or crypto wallet, making sure to enter the required amounts for the purchase
  • Competing the purchase and waiting as the tokens are transferred to the exchange wallet

Modes of Payment –  the BTC payment is made using an external wallet, but a purchase, now inclusive of BTC and USD can be made using Bank Cards, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa or Bank Transfers

How FLOW is being used

At the moment, FLOW is quite popular in the gaming world, where its blockchain is used in the development and trade of the revered NFTs. This makes the token a crypto asset, one that is widely used in the continuously expanding simulation and gaming trade. This means that FLOW can be used to make online purchases of valuable game treasures or of NFT files.

Things to consider before buying FLOW

Where to buy FLOW – this should be considered because exchanges differ in more ways than one, and some of those differences may have effects on the financial standings of the user.

Loss Risk – users could wake up to a massive price drop at any moment. To such ends, one should always consider the chances of there being losses, and purchase accordingly.

Market Index – this is crucial in price projection. The crypto market standings must be analysed and understood

How to find the best price

The best place to make accurate price predictions and comparisons is on the market index. Live market rates are featured in most exchanges, but there are also some specialised platforms that provide this and nothing else.

Where to store FLOW

Security is key, a virtue that the developers of the token understood quite well, to an extent of crafting their network with a separate wallet service. Like any other wallet, it can facilitate in operations for transferring, selling and storing the token, securely. Also available is a Dapper wallet that runs on smart contracts. Its security lies in its multi-layer protection and verification, as well as the effective recovery modules. That said, no security service trumps that of hardware wallets. They are physical devices that store crypto offline. The most recognisable of these that support FLOW are the Ledger wallets.

Security Tips

Users should always run storage preparations for secure wallets ling before purchasing the token. With these, they simply need to withdraw funds from the platforms and place them there for safe storage. Passwords and pins on these should be changed here and there just as an added measure. Lastly, they should stay away from the so called ‘private investors’ and ‘account managers’. These are crafted schemes for theft of funds and credentials.


Smaller tokens are generally preferred for their ease of use and effectiveness. When placed with other tokens of its calibre, FLOW come out distinct in just about all aspects, from its pricing, to its availability and growth rate. A FLOW investment could very much prove to be profitable and beneficial in more ways than one.

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