How to buy Illivium (ILV) for crypto and cash

Ethereum blockchain comes to the party this time with IIIivium. It’s an unrestricted open world of gaming fantasy.

Players get to delve deep into various gaming selections, gaining both momentum and rewards. IIIivium seeks to change the face of digital gaming and no wonder why blockchain fanatics call it the “initial AAA game display” under Ethereum.

It’s the best selection for both hardcore players and casual entertainment seekers. Thanks to the ordeal DeFi setup has and continues to amaze gamers from across the world.

What is that defining feature that sets IIIivium apart from other digital gaming models? Well, if you haven’t tasted the fantasy-driven IIIivium, expect creatures like no other.

Players can harness power by capturing fantasy creatures. All you have to gear up is your warrior (creature) and go for battle. The reason behind capturing creatures is to beef up collections and absorb their power in the process of becoming a perfect competitor.

Thanks to developers who combined PVP battle gaming and open-world exploration gamers can enjoy a hybrid type of digital gaming experience. If you are a great fan of exploring and going for adventures, IIIivium is there to offer the exact adventure. Powerful beasts get you far in this game.

IIIivium has been in the making since 2020 and designers were pertinent about launching a perfect game for everyone. A total of 40 individuals, professionals of the digital gaming sector including co-founders and fanatic crypto adopters like the Warwick Brothers combined efforts to bring such an exciting offer.

The project was in no way going to head south looking at all the efforts and minds put together. What about the IIIivium token? Well, just like many tokens out there this one is a voting tool.

Holders have a great advantage when it comes to governing ecosystems and making decisions. By simply dominating in in-game activities and sharing the IIIivium vault, players receive a fair share of tokens.

It’s also possible to buy ILV tokens with USD. The article will look at the best place to purchase IIIivium tokens, where to buy, and payment options. Let us delve into a quick guide on how to purchase IIIivium tokens.

A quick guide on buying Illivium token

We recommend and approve the use of Binance in your quest to buy IIIivium tokens. The reason behind this is that Binance boasts of good reputation and backs up fiat to crypto transactions.

a) Open an account on an exchange that supports ILV

There are many options on offer when it comes to exchange, search on features provided for to get the popular one. Exchanges will ask for personal details like phone number, email address, and national identification. Provide these and have your account verified.

b) Deposit funds into your account

You can purchase with a credit card, with a debit card, or with PayPal. Credit card transfers are fast but costly while bank transfers are a bit slow but much cheaper.

c) Purchase Illuvium

Look for a perfect wallet to store your ILV when you complete all of the above steps.

Exchanges to buy ILV


Binance has been dominating the scene. One of the biggest advantages offered by Binance is that of lower fees. Exchanges charge little while users enjoy high liquidity charts that make possible instantaneous purchases and selling in a moving market.

Luckily, many countries across the world allow Binance operation on THORChain, these include Australia, Singapore, and the UK while those from the USA are barred. Though Binance is barred from the USA, it still maintains large customer bases in many countries across the world and it looks highly probable that it will grow so huge to disband any form of competition.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC process
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Buy your crypto

Next is This is a more ideal exchange that has a lot of guarantees. The most fantastic feature of is the user interface. Very friendly to beginners and they can actually move up the charts to become specialists and professional technical traders. was launched in the year 2013 and from then it has been creating a huge base of altcoins for many users. You can easily maneuver in the market with For those trading in the USA, this is the best choice.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Sign up for an account
  • Complete the KYC verification process
  • Fund your wallet
  • Choose a trading pair and buy

This exchange is about 5 years old, having been launched in 2016. However, in such a short space of time, it has managed to gain a great reputation and become a trusted platform worldwide. On the platform, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies conveniently due to the various services on offer.

On the platform, you can buy 100+ cryptos at true cost. Not only that, but you will also be able to manage your visa card offered by the platform, earn interest on your crypto, make crypto payments, and so much more. Another great feature is that the company has a non-custodial DeFi wallet. As a result, you retain full control of your private keys.

Step-by-Step Buying Guide

  • Sign up on the platform and provide your ID and selfie for verification
  • Fund your account
  • Tap on the Trade button
  • Click Buy, and then ILV. This lets you choose your preferred coin
  • Add your card and follow the secure link provided

How Illivium project is different

IIIivium has some odd and excitingly unique features that set it apart from fellow competitors. Let us look at those features in detail.

Gaming mechanics

IIIivium comes with a 3D gaming environment backed up by an explicit gaming background. There are 100 IIIivium selections, unique to the core. Every beast is designed to serve its purpose in the game.

Remember in the wake of this we mentioned that IIIivium was made possible by a combination of professional efforts and the design of IIIiviums speaks for itself. They resemble graphic brilliance to which players can easily get accustomed.

Layer-2 Integration

Even though IIIivium lays on an Ethereum blockchain base, it also functions on Immutable X. This is a layer 2 solution perfectly constructed to assist in scale applications. Players can mint and sell NFTs by simply creating audible leverage with IMXs capabilities. Do not worry about asset security because players can keep custody of their digital assets when utilizing IMX.

The IlluviDEX

As mentioned before IIIivium operates on a DEX platform that goes by the name IIIuviDEX. It’s a flexible platform meaning that gamers can exchange and trade assets without any hassle. Expect a 5% fee charged for NFT transactions. Fee charges are piped to the rewards pool which amalgamates to form an aggregate ILV staker.

Yield Farming

This is the interesting part of the whole deal. Whenever a set budget is put into place, 3 million ILV (30% from 10 million supply) are fully transferred to a farming project. For a period of not more than 3 years, gamers will be adding yielding liquidity and also officiating various partner reward programs.

Things to consider before buying ILV

ILV is part and parcel of an ever-changing crypto gaming world. This means that risks are to be encountered at some point. However, nothing goes without precautions. In this segment, we look at various factors to consider before purchasing ILV.

1) Don’t FOMO buy coins

Do quality research when it comes to investing. This is largely important especially when prices are spiking and down-trending in quick succession.

2) Stick with well-known exchanges

For you to become the best, use the best. Make sure that your investments are associated with prominent and reputable exchanges.

By doing so you are simply avoiding money loss. Storing assets in a hardware wallet is the way to go. Do not worry much about hardware wallets we will cover them in the next segment.

3) Look into the coin’s founders and developers

It is bad for you to invest without having any idea of the men behind. Research on creators of investment platforms. Such moves are good in guaranteeing asset safety.

Where to store ILV token

There are basically two wallets available for asset storage.

Cold wallets

Cold wallets or hardware wallets are offline storing platforms. They are expensive to purchase but there is a guarantee for your money. Private key storage is top-notch thanks to encryption systems that are difficult to break. Examples of hardware wallets are Trezor, Ledger, and Keepkey.

When purchasing hardware wallets, do not approach a peer but look for a professional and reliable producer. That way you are associating your assets with original storage rather than dubious peer purchases.

Hot wallets

These are online storage platforms that are fast, convenient, and affordable. The major setback is hacking and online vulnerabilities. Hot wallets are browser-based and examples include cloud-based wallets and exchange-based wallets. If you want a quick instant trading and storage experience, hot wallets are the best selection.

Privacy and security tips

Cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming worlds are fluctuating and changing every time. There are a lot of inconsistencies and mishaps bred as trading proceeds on a daily basis. It’s very important that whenever you want to purchase ILV tokens, you follow safety tips.

Avoid Phishing

Many people are fond of tapping anonymous links or sizzling links dubiously pertaining to promotions and amazing rewards. Scammers use dubious links to penetrate into your device. It’s better to block such pop-ups for a security guarantee.

Use secured networks

For a better gaming experience and proper purchasing use a VPN home network. VPN networks can be customized to suit desired efficient security. Browsing history is kept safe while personal details are monitored. Desist from public networks because they have a lot of servers.

One password at a time

Do not share crypto account passwords with social media accounts. Hackers are able to track password records from various accounts and find a match.


What is function does ILV tokens save?

IIIivium tokens are used to gain a voting advantage and making decisions in the gaming ecosystem.

What is the best storage platform for ILV tokens?

Hardware wallets are safe and sound. You can store your assets for a long period and the level of encryption is exceptional.


IIIivium gaming experience has come to answer all questions related to adventure and fantasy battles. You get a chance to battle for the ultimate price by absorbing power from the defeated beast. Thanks to the Warwick brothers et al, IIIivium has become the get-to-go ethereum blockchain gaming experience.

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