How to buy Voyager Token (VGX) in 2021

Voyager token is an indigenous cryptocurrency used in a trading platform that offers commission-free crypto called the Voyager. This platform lets users transact with originally quoted prices for both selling and purchasing digital assets.

The Voyager platform uses the smart order routing unique rule to make use of different small money variations from other crypto tradings. The voyager token gives its users a chance to earn income that is not chained to any long contracts. This article is going to list down some steps and tips on how to buy voyager tokens.

A quick guide on buying Voyager Token

Open an online account

The first step to take when buying the voyager token is opening an account with the voyager platform. Even though it can also be accessed on other different exchanges, opening an account makes it simple for the users to quickly purchase the token. Opening the Voyager online account one can follow the steps below:

  • the first step is to download its app found on the Apple App store.
  • fill in the usual required information for registration that is: your name, phone number, and email. After this one is able to instantly go to the voyager platform to examine the types of crypto voyager supports, the market situation and go through the news about the crypto.
  • you are required to give your basic usual information asked for by every financial organization that is licensed.
  • the last step before you start trading is to connect your bank account to the app then transfer a minimum amount of ten dollars and after that, you can start trading right away.

Buy a wallet (optional)

Unlike the banks that have access to use the money you deposit to get profits and give to other bankers as credit, no one has the right to use or access the coins in your account. These is the main advantage of purchasing and using cryptocurrency. When a user opens an account with crypto traders like voyager their assets will be stocked in a trading hosting account.

Still, the user’s coins being stored in a trading hosting account leave the exchange in control as it is in charge of the public and private keys and not the user. However, the user can opt for the use of a software wallet or hardware wallet which offers an extra form of protection to their coins. The user can get to store private and public keys in these wallets which can then control what happens to their assets.

The Voyager token can be stocked in wallets that support Ethereum because the voyager token survives on the ETH system (ERC-20).

Make your purchase

After opening your Voyager trading account or whether you decide to use other exchanges that support VGX you are able to start purchasing your VGX by using a minimum amount of ten dollars.

Purchasing VGX takes only a few steps that involve a few clicks and swipes. You go to the market section first, move down to VGX, press buy VGX, show how much you are willing to spend. Then lastly go to the slide to buy a banner and you are done with the process of buying your VGX.

One can also consider it worthwhile to invest not only in coins but also the voyage platform and be able to earn more interest in their existing crypto.  So as to assist cryptocurrency users with a better way to capitalize on their exchange, Voyager is looking to democratize its crypto platform further with the use of smart order routing technology.

Exchanges to buy VGX


Binance has been dominating the scene. One of the biggest advantages offered by Binance is that of lower fees. Exchanges charge little while users enjoy high liquidity charts that make possible instantaneous purchases and selling in a moving market.

Luckily, many countries across the world allow Binance operation on THORChain, these include Australia, Singapore, and the UK while those from the USA are barred. Though Binance is barred from the USA, it still maintains large customer bases in many countries across the world and it looks highly probable that it will grow so huge to disband any form of competition.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC process
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Buy your crypto


If you are looking for that hub of altcoin that has a huge share of THORChain, check HitBTC. However, there have been speculations on its reputation and how it carries out its basic operations. HitBTC is moderate, not that exceptional and we recommend that your choose it last.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Create an account and verify your identity
  • Click on Buy Crypto or go to Deposit and add either BTC or ETH
  • Choose RUNE and specify the amount you want to spend
  • Confirm details and proceed


When you are looking for that exceptional digital and financially sound cryptosystem, this is the best destination. It is a stable exchange which is very friendly. Comes with a quality user interface.

Step-by-step Buying Guide

  • Sign up and log in to CoinEx
  • Choose the fiat currency that you want to use, as well as specify how much you want to use
  • Select the preferred coin
  • Confirm all the details and click Buy
  • Click Go to Payment
  • Review order details and click Go to Payment

What is Voyager Token?

Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency agent which gives crypto users a trusted and guaranteed approach to exchange their crypto assets. Voyager is made up to cater to institutional and retail investors and improve ways of exchanging crypto assets.

Before the launches of the voyager token mobile app which made trading easier, there was a crypto brokerage service that was launched in 2018 October which now caters to over 55 crypto assets and is connected to over a dozen crypto exchanges with the use of the smart order routing technology.

The users of the voyager token who are in the Voyager system are rewarded using the indigenous brokerage token. Also, for its users, the Voyager enables VGX to yield interest when using the voyager app. Other benefits are also offered exclusively to the Voyager app users like cash-back rewards.

The Voyager also gives 100% commission-free selling and buying operations and other transactions. The only fee paid by the traders is that which is quoted.

Things to consider before buying VGX

Before making a choice of using VGX one should consider the following items:


The most important thing to do before investing in any crypto is to check whether it is registered or licensed. The Voyager exchange belongs to a Canadian company called Voyager Digital Ltd which is believed to own a market value of about $600 million and is bound to Canadian laws.

Passive income opportunities

Voyager also provides its users with a chance of earning a sound interest in the crypto investments they make.

On top of giving its users commission-free transactions Voyage offers them a platform to make reasonable interest on their investments in crypto. The interest earned is between 1% and 8,5%. though this goes with how much one has deposited. For users to be able to get interested and other indigenous rewards they should have a certain number of tokens or coins.

A wide array of assets supported

The Voyager app also allows the use of 50 and more different coins and tokens on its mobile-based platform. The tokens and coins have to be compatible with android and IOS systems

Limited functionality and customer support

The voyager’s main disadvantage is that it has restricted avenues to access the app. So as to access the app users can only use smartphones. One cant access the app using their desktop. Their customer services platforms are also limited to using the app or email only one cant call in if they have any quires or inquiries.

Where to store VGX token

Below are hardware and software wallets considered best for the voyager token.

Trezor One

One of the most reliable types of hardware wallets is Trezor one. Trezor one has above 800 worldwide 5 star reviews. It has recently become a popular option for traders, they say the wallet is easy to start up and has value for money looking at the quality and security offered. Good security services are very attractive to investors. So a wallet has to have the best security systems that protect the users’ public and private keys from things like hackers.

Trust Wallet

A software wallet is a digital wallet separate from your trading-supported wallet. The software wallets come in three irreverent versions: desktop, mobile and online These types of wallets come in 3 formats: online, desktop, and mobile.

Trust wallet currently has above 5 million users. Users can purchase, trade, earn, and safely stock their VGX  in this wallet. The crypto wallet can be downloaded from the trust wallet using either android or apple.

Trust Wallet counts over 5 million users on its platform to date. You can buy, exchange, earn and safely store your Voyager Token here. Both Android and Apple users can download the Crypto Wallet from Trust Wallet.  Some advantages for using the trust wallet are that you can get to buy crypto using a card and you get prompt bitcoin trading and fortified protection from scammers and hackers.

Privacy and security tips

Cryptocurrency wallets are the main threats to the users’ digital currency. Even if they do not stock the users’ digital coins they control and store the private key which permits users to exchange crypto online. The private key serves as the user’s identity in the crypto market and if someone else is to have access to this key they are able to steal the users’ coins and make transactions that are fraudulent. Making sure one’s wallet is secure is very important as cybercriminals have tricky ways they use to manipulate users’ digital wallets to steal or make transactions without the users’ permission.

Traders can get to secure their crypto by doing the following:

       i. Use Secure Internet

It is very important to also take not of the internet you are using when performing your online crypto transactions. Users should ensure that the internet they are using is secure and also use VPN for better security when using home network. The VPN ensures that browsing is made safe by changing location and IP address. It is advised to avoid public networks.

      ii. Change Your Password Regularly

One can never talk about strong security without mentioning the word password. It is said that more than half of U.S millennials have one password for more than one device. They tend to use the same password in 50 or more various places. This is however not advised one is recommended to have a sophisticated and strong password that isn’t easy to figure out. It is also advised to change it regularly and have different passwords for different platforms. Users can choose the two factor authentication or multi factor authentication for even better security.

    iii. Use a Cold Wallet

Cold wallets do not work online like hot wallets. This in turn makes them safe from cyber-attacks. Therefore keeping your private key in a cold wallet is a wise choice when it comes to the protection of your private key since they are encrypted.

To support this one should look into the fraud case that happened in 2019 where an unauthorised crypto amounting to $32 million was withdrawn through a Japanese trade Bitpoint hot wallet in various forms of crypto aiming above 50,000 traders. The trade stored five different cryptos in the hot wallet which are: Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin cash, ripple ,and bitcoin. On the other hand, it pointed out that it was not affected by this case.

    iv. Maintain Multiple Wallets

There is no limit on the number of wallets one user can have. One can have more than one wallets they use to store their assets. One main one for day-to-day transactions and save the remaining in another wallet such that in any case, your day daily wallet faces any breach you don’t suffer too many losses.

      v. Secure Your Personal Device

The personal devices you use should always be updated with current anti-virus detectors that are always active and quickly detect any form of viruses that may attack your device. An updated firewall and anti-virus can avoid the manipulation of your wallets by hackers.

    vi. Don’t Get Phished

Users should be cautious with random emails and random ads when it comes to the crypto platforms as they may carry with them unsafe content. They should also stay away from unfamiliar links when trading online.


Can I buy VGX with cash?

Users are not able to buy VGX with cash directly. This is why you will need to buy BTC or Ethereum first using a credit or debit card. After you have acquired your crypto, you can then go ahead and buy.

How do you get Voyager tokens on Binance?

Steps to purchase voyager on binance:

  1. Open an account with binance
  2. Purchase some Bitcoin which you will use to trade for voyager
  3. Exchange bitcoin to get Voyager with the use of binance exchange

Is Binance better than Voyager?

Voyager is considered better by most users as it offers commission-free transactions and is very user-friendly.


Voyager crypto has grown more popular in the year 2021. It is attractive to investors as it is commission-free and leaves trades with a chance to earn interest as they transact. Hope this article helped you on how to buy voyager tokens so can kick start and take part in using this worthwhile voyager token.

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