How to Play CryptoBlades NFT Game (Guide 2022)

Everyone loves CryptoBlades, it is the ultimate NFT game where players can win amazing rewards while enjoying the play. Players have a chance to win a lot of SKILL when they take part in in-game moves. There is no better way of earning life-changing rewards while enjoying the game at the same time. It is all about who has that perfect and powerful character selection.

Your character should be well crafted and designed to fit your expectations. Blockchain games like CryptoBlades are quite different from the rest of the games you find on the market. There are some fundamental features that you must set up before you kick start an amazing gaming experience. Let us delve into the detailed introduction.

CryptoBlades introduction

It’s always good to start on advantage and to do that just make sure you mint your character. A successful minting attempt brings in a 1-star top-up. Most gamers start their gambling journey with 4 characters and it is highly possible to mint them, just to make sure that you are fit and prepared for the game.

However, you can not only bring about powerful characters from minting buy if you have sufficient money in your coffer, but it is also good to purchase a powerful character already boosted with amazing features. Check out weapons that feature in the description section. Check out the strategies and guides section to obtain weapon detail.


Elements are very important to CryptoBlades players. Every time you hear of elements, think of them as those fundamental forces of nature. These are fire, water, lightning, and earth. As usual, various elements have a different advantage over an opponent if used spectacularly and strategically.

Chances of unbroken winning streaks are high and you can successfully disadvantage your opponent. We recommend that players assign weapons and elements to appropriate characters. You wouldn’t want to end up having a character failing to handle these two. By simply matching appropriate elements, gamers have a chance to gain Trait Bonuses.


Looking at characters, these are your ultimate fighters. They are renowned features designed and approved by NFT. Aspiring gamed can start their gaming journey with 4 characters. You have an equal chance to customize your fighter by equipping them with fighting features of your choice. Check out Plaza Tab for minting prices.

As soon as you are finished with minting your character, the SKILL amount is transferred to the official contract. Remember that every character begins on level one. As the game progresses you enlarge your character. At the moment players have no chance to change character elements.


Weapons are also one of the NFTs structures. Players can control weapons and use them on key gaming moments. Weapons are flexible because you can hold as many of them as possible in one account. Check out Forge to get weapon minting prices. As usual, every weapon has a random element that is attached with a random rarity. What does the amount of rarity denote?

Well, it reveals the exact amount of attributes rollable. Remember that a weapon is very flexible, not fixed to one character, and can be shifted from one player to another. Durable weapons can be used by many characters for a long time. You can also sell your weapon on an NFT based market. The value of weapons is currently fixed and unable to change in value.


Here comes the battle. Battles are all in all stages where a player uses chosen weapons and characters to defeat opponents. A player has to choose an opponent and when that is done and dusted, expect contract calculations on-chain. More wins mean more boosts on your player and more SKILL payouts on your in-game wallet.

Combat has to be mastered perfectly to have a better outing. Remember that it is not all about winning SKILL but it’s also about boosting your character and moving on to the next stage. However, if you are defeated, a gas fee has to be paid immediately. So before you start to think of playing, balance your account and check if your coffers are healthy.

What you need to start playing CryptoBlades

  • BNB tokens
  • A meta mask wallets and account
  • Binance account

Remember, SKILL is an in-game token meaning that you win it after playing more of the game. You can use SKILL to look for powerful characters or when you want to purchase efficient weapons. BNB is another available coin. You can use it to purchase SKILL because SKILL is highly recommended for in-game operations. Binance is very effective and compatible with credit cards. There is so much convenience of purchasing.

Looking at Meta mask, it is an NFT account system meant to store and keep safe BNB. Meta mask is also compatible with SKILL tokens. CryptoBlades is cryptic gaming that lays its base on BSC. Binance Smart Chain is one of the reputable blockchain network guides that are available on the scene. Expect so much guarantee. Below we look at specific steps on how to start play.

How to Start Playing CryptoBlades

1. Setup a MetaMask wallet

Setting up a meta mask account is very fast especially when you have a strong internet connection. There is an official meta mask application that is compatible with many mobile devices, be it iOS or Android. It is easily executable on desktops devices. To detail more, Meta mask is compatible with ETH. Though CryptoBlades runs perfectly on BSC, it is also operational on Ethereum Mainnet. After the creation of the account, make sure that you configure all SKILL tokens and BSC. To officiate play, check if BSC mainnet network is aligned to the metamask. Remember, a Meta mask is very important in every attempt you make to go big.

2. Check how much SKILL is needed to recruit a character

Obviously, SKILL being the only in-game purchase medium you must evaluate if the available balance is perfect for character recruitment. Reach out for CryptoBlades home page to get a better understanding of appropriate amounts and BNB needed for combat.

Most gamers usually start with one character, starting small because the pocket does not permit for anything exceptional. Use those few SKILL tokens in your coffer to obtain good weapons. If you want more diversity in terms of weapon gallery, check out the Blacksmith. There are some fantastic forged weapons there that are affordable.

3. Buy BNB tokens from Binance

Binance is the perfect platform to purchase BNB. To purchase BNB, use SKILL. BNB is used to facilitate transactions when you have earned rewards. Why Binance? Binance has been the ideal cryptocurrency exchange since2017. It has been offering players nothing but convenience and flexibility.

4. Send BNB to your MetaMask wallet

Remember we mentioned the vitality of the Metamask in each and every move you make. This time around, Metamask is the destination purchased BNB. Binance is purchased on Binance exchange and let in a Binance account. Send your BNB balance to Meta mask wallet. Remember, BSC is in the thick and thin of every gaming move so check if BSC is linked with Meta mask wallet. Use your official address when cashing out.

5. Buy SKILL tokens via ApeSwap

Now it gets interesting because BNB is in a position but we want to make an in-game transaction. Reach out for ApeSwap and link with Meta mask wallet. To link with meta mask wallet, opt for ‘connect a wallet’. Purchase SKILL through a connected ApeSwap platform and get your SKILL to officiate gaming.

Everything is clear from the word go because confirmation pop-up messages are sent to your device whenever you fulfill a transaction. Do not leave your account dry, leave something between 0.05 to 0.1 BNB.

6. Recruit your first character and forge new weapons

Aspiring players have that zest to kick-start combat. Now we look at the interesting part of recruiting a character. Plaza is there to cater for that. It’s a platform with an array of characters and weapons to chose from. What a gallery is spectacular battle warriors!

As we mentioned earlier, every player starts with a single character and a randomly selected element. You then have to recruit more and more characters as gameplay progresses. If you are all set and ready to go, opt for ‘combat’ and equip yourself with your available character and available weapons.

How to play CryptoBlades

Are you ready to combat monsters, taking charge in adventurous raids? This is how you do it. The following are fundamentals one should have before thinking of gameplay.

  1. binance account
  2. meta mask wallet

Let us look at the first step.

1) Connect CryptoBlades to Your MetaMask wallet

  • reach out for CrypyoBlades homepage and opt ‘connect to meta mask’
  • opt ‘configure meta mask’, verify and approve
  • check if SKILL and BSC has been added
  • refresh the page and check out the SKILL price needed to purchase a character
  • chose how much BNB you need to use

2) Send BNB to Your Metamask Wallet

  • reach out for binance application, purchase BNB.
  • place meta mask identity address and opt BEP20 or in other words BSC
  • verify twice the address because failure to do so might result in a faulty transfer

3) Swap BNB to SKILL via ApeSwap

  • reach out for ApeSwap or if you want diversity to teach out for PancakeSwap.
  • link to meta mask. place your exact amount of choice
  • place BNB and SKILL and converse tokens
  • move on to CryptoBlades world

4) Recruit Characters and Forge Weapons

  • reach for Plaza and purchase your initial character
  • if you receive your character, you also get a random element and a 1-star weapon

Character Elements

Remember, every character is able to possess one of the four elements. Character elements are there to give an advantage to characters during times of battle. Opportunities to maintain a winning streak are very optimum. Let us look at game features in detail.


Weapons boosting and power lies in rarity. You can also mint them to get an exciting boosted and fresh defense mechanism. Weapons are flexible, they can be used by many characters on different accounts. Weapons elements are responsible for determining character roles in battles.


Reforging just like the traditional definition insinuating a process of combined or fusing two weapons through blacksmithing to produce a stronger and more effective product. Expect absolute value additions and rarity. You just have to reach out for Blacksmithing and pay up a couple of SKILL. Some might ask which is better between the following

  1. character recruitment
  2. forging a fresh character
  • purchasing weaponry from an official NFT based market

Well, we recommend that forging and market purchase because they are fast transactions. weapon or buy from the marketplace?

5) Start Playing

Reach out for Plaza and Blacksmith, opt for your character of choice, and head to battle. To officiate combat, pay a little SKILL fee. Tolling a bit higher than your opponent clearly adds more to your wallet SKILL balance. Losing a fight does not mean that you lose SKILL. Check out various withdrawal tax charges.

Character Stamina

In actual fact, every character has what is called a stamina pool. It is a broad pool with the potential to reach 200. After every 5 minute intervals during gameplay, a single point is topped to come up with that ultimate total.

Every time a character is in battle, stamina goes down by 40/80/160/200 meaning that at every double interval. More stamina used, more SKILL per every fight taken, that is if you are victorious. We advise gamers that they chose 40 stamina for a single fight. On a 40 stamina rate, you can play 7.2 battles in a single day.


Q: How much can I earn?

Most use inbuilt earnings to have a better winning edge. In-built calculators also give a valid estimation of earnings after a battle period.

Q: How do I win more battles?

Use combat simulator. If you are looking for a bit of diversity, go for a chrome add-on. These software packages were tailored to give gamers a chance to estimate wins.

Q: What is required to play CryptoBlades?

Meta mask account and an active BSC application. Binance account to purchase BNB. Efficient iOS, Android, or Windows desktops and smartphones. ApeSwap for BNB to SKILL translations.


This article was more of a beginners tutorial guide as it was too explicit in every aspect of CryptoBlades. A single glance into CryptoBlades’ gameplay will surely leave you with a huge smile of enjoyment. CryptoBlades crypto game is that ultimate fighting experience, clearly shaking off any possible competition.

We hope that all the encompassed steps will help you in every way possible. CryptoBlades is growing and many investors are placing a lot of money in anticipation of gaining more. 2022 has witnessed a huge influx of gamers from across the world.

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