How to earn money playing Dragonary (2022)

When we talk of NFTs, we mean spectacular and mouthwatering gaming experience. Dragonary has been the game to watch on all of 2021 editions. You can play Dragonary for free, in the comfort of your home, or when you are relaxed at work during break time.

With Dragonary, there is not even an ounce of need to set up and register crypto wallets. Even those who worry a lot about exchanges, this is no place to worry about that. If you are a fresh player, you are granted a free starter team which all come from 3 Common dragons. It is very easy to get money with Dragonary. Below we have made life easy for you by detailing key segments that will be very pertinent in how to play Dragonary.

Dragonary introduction

Dragonary is all about that magical gaming zest that is totally unique and untouched. For every minute spent playing, you get to obtain an array of rewards. How amazing, where else can you receive rewards for every moment you spend on the playing deck. At the end of every playing venture, your reward evolves to gold.

That is the ultimate reward. The most fascinating feature of Dragobary is that it changes the names of games on display. This means that players are able to fresh perspectives of what we would like to call play/game relation instead of the usual investing and expecting further transitioning to another improved game set.

Unlike many games, Dragonary has no age specifications and this means that everyone can play, from teenagers to OG’s. Accessibility is top-notch, you can play on your iOS and Android devices not forgetting tablets and desktops.

Dragonary software systems are very compatible thereby guarantee a lot of convenience and flexibility. Dragonary is quite different from other games, players determine the economic movement of the game. What do we mean really? Well, in gaming markets there are a lot of sub facets like values and items, these are not tradable in other games but when it comes to Dragonary, they are easily tradable.

That’s what we mean when we talk of the economy. This means that when a player purchases a certain number of valuables and items, they are also able to trade them the day after. That’s where flexibility comes. Value trading is there to beef the strength of the dragon and in many cases, you have to cherish it because it’s your key to adding more power to your dragon.

Dragobary network is perfectly connected. From selling to buying, from transformation to gaming adoptions, you can maneuver through the spectrum to have a better understanding. Designers of Dragonary had one goal in their minds when they came up with this idea, simply to give enthusiasm. In that world of enthusiasm, you get to transform your dragon, giving it much prowess and superiority over the other dragons.

Remember, rewards come in form of tokens. These tokens are very intuitive and flexible because you players can actually use the tokens in exchanges with other Dragonary players or you can as well trade-in cryptocurrency.

You have to know that your dragons represent you. If your efforts are maximum, they gain power but if your efforts are meager, it is the other way round. Make sure that you acquire the right skills to champion over competitors. Below we look at how players can actually earn money playing Dragonary. Always remember that dragons do not share qualities or features.

How to earn money playing Dragonary

Excitingly, there are so many ways to earn money on the Dragonary platform. Below, we discuss the various ways through which you can earn money while playing the thrilling game.

Play the Game

With 3 free dragons, the whole gameplay remains free, unlike other games where you have to invest and stake to play.

Mining $CYT in Dragonary

As we mentioned earlier, playing Dragonary enables players to get tokens but in specific terms, they are Coinary coins. Coinary coins are obtained by simply mining $CYT. The process is just like making bitcoin or ethereum. This means that each day has its specific types of coins.

When it comes to $CYT, players can actually expect a limited maximum supply. Due to the rarity of accounts and different power modes, players can receive maximum amounts of $CYT. These are then dispatched among an array of Dragonary players.

What do you need to mine? Well, the process is quite easy really. First, obtain Obsidian in battle. Obsidian enables limited launching of tokens per day and on top of that, players can actually expect 100% distribution on accounts sharing the same rarity. The process takes 24 hours. When all players with the same rarity receive the same share of the token, Obsidian then goes on to restart.

Below we shall give you a typical example of how Obsidian and account rarity operate.

Let us say you have a common rarity account. Your maximum token figures stand at 1.5%. Remember, this is figure is tagged if you manage to reach a maximum token tally of 1 million. This means that the common rarity will accumulate a total of 15,000 $CYT. Remember that we are dealing with a group of rarity accounts and this means that each player is able to get 3 $CYT when 5,000 players are part and parcel of the rarity bandwagon.


All you have to know on the trading section is that you can purchase and sell in a set marketplace if your rarity items are available in NFT.

Generate income

We have to say, Dragonary is still in its tender stages in the digital gaming arena. This means that gamers and players have to rely more on the rarity of accounts in order to generate some meaningful tokens. Check out the EMBERS mission, it’s one of those instances in the game where a player has to obtain 1000 obsidians. Make sure that you fulfill daily tasks, dragon missions, and discoveries to earn big.


Q: How do I earn money with Dragonary?

There are various ways that you could earn money with this game and on this platform. However, the most common one is by playing the game. As you play and upgrade your assets, you get to receive tokens. The great thing about these tokens is that you can trade them or invest.

Q: What is the max supply for investors?

Currently it stands at 160 000 000 tokens while maximum supply is tallied at 16% supply.

Q: How long are the tokens blocked for the Dragonary team?

For a period of 10 years, the Dragonary team is able to obtain a total of 50 million tokens. Remember, they are blocked for those ten years.

Q: is Dragonary safe?

Yes, the platform is very safe. The site makes use of some top quality security systems that are guaranteed to keep your account and funds protected at all times.


As we have mentioned earlier, Dragonary is still fresh and gamers still have a lot to discover. It’s actually a good blockchain game that allows players to interact and use carefully the $CYT token mode. It’s the next big thing for future digital gaming fanatics. Just try it out and get money with Dragonary.

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