Gala Games Platform Review 2022

With the capability of letting players take charge of their games’ content and the games to come, the Gala Games platform gives power back to the players. Gala Games is best described by its goal, which is to make sure each and every player is treated as they deserve.

Players are given first priority in the gaming world operated by Gala games, and this article will shed light on how Gala Games operates behind the scenes. We will also look at how the gaming platform is making plans to take over the future of gaming and why you should be part of that experience.

It is safe to use the term revolutionary when discussing blockchain and how it helped to put the players’ desires first and create a homely feeling for all players with verifiable ownership and decentralization.

Gala Games overview

Gala games content comes with a concept of Blockchain technology, which we can all agree is taking over in our each and every day lives. Blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the industry and players are showing so much interest.

As mentioned before Gala games are focusing on making players happy and satisfied by giving them ownership of their gaming items, in reality, taking for instance if a player wins magical armor in a game, they physically gain control or owns an asset, thanks to the block chain. The good part about this is no one can take away your item from you therefore you have the right to trade the item or even play an in-game with it. What’s could be more interesting than playing a game knowing you own your content meaning you are in control.

One of the Gala games realizes is Mirandus, a game of fantasy. The game allows players to take charge of fees if services are provided for the game and also taking charge of in games if they purchase assets like shops etc.

A deep dive into the Mirandus shows how a player with assets is central in the ecosystem business of the game as it is run according to the relationship between the player and their assets.

Cryptocurrency is acceptable if a player what’s to buy an item but it’s limited to only there are types which are Gala, BAT, and Etherum so if a player wants to buy an item and they have any of the three mentioned cryptocurrencies they are welcome. To access these cryptocurrencies you should use Fiat currencies like the United States dollars(US$).

There is another way players can get to earn Gala for free. By participating in another way you get Gala. Town star is an example of a game already I’m action that exercises this amazing feature.

Key features

Starting with the target audience of about 2.7 billion players or gamers in the entire world Gala Games is aiming big although it is still at its takeoff stage.

Regardless of the fact that is it still building up, Gala games have an amazing track record that shows potential

If one creates a free account, shares a link with others, and has potentials gamers to join, this does not go unnoticed because it’s called for a reward hence a gamer who practices the above mentioned is given a reward.

Evidently, the Gala games priced its coin value amazingly with the potential to grow even further but it is also likely to drop as well.

Gala games own 1 game that is in action or live as of date but are also developing seven more that will be launched and more will be developed and launched as well in the near future.

Gala tokens and random NFT are rewards to node ownership on a daily basis.

NFTs will be earned by having nodes ownership.

Node ownership will gain even bigger rewards if they have new game coins.

For every  100 sales prices of nodes are less

Pros & Cons


When you are creating an account you are not charged even a cent.

After you create an account for free, you also get to play the games for free.


Not every platform is NFTs sold for example they are sold on

Although instructions for Node setup are provided on additional content, to run a node one needs an uninterrupted personal computer or a VPS.

Players can not trade or pass to other nodes. They can only be sold after they are turned to NFTs which is not specified as to when this will happen and also the value of the nodes that can turn into NFTs is not indicated.

If you want to transfer coins to your wallet, you pay the fees for gas

Regulatory risks negative impacts have not been considered. If regulators have a say when it comes to cryptocurrency and how is it operates this could be a blow for Gala Games.

Each node calls for its own VPS or computer which means owning more than one node requires more than one VPS or computer. Many people with more than one node complain about how this is a strain financially and how the game needs to be economic.

Nodes values are escalating which see the prices of the remaining last nodes going for US$10.000.


Currently, Gala Games have one game that is being played. Seven games are being developed and so far two of the games have already been publicized and both have already had a positive reaction from the gamers.

Town Star

With a positive response from gamers, Town Star has proved to relate to the audience as new games are joining every day and enjoying. The game is about a farming and town building and it is not a new idea or type of game in the gaming world because there has been another game of the same idea. This game idea is popularly evidenced by the people claiming to have played games like Town Star before.


This one is about five monarch rulers who rule a huge world. It’s an extra fantasy game with in-game players having the ultimate power to make choices which means they have the freedom to make choices of their own. Players can go into the deep wilderness to try their luck betting their fortunes on the monsters who live in the dungeons and deep woods. Players join as one of the monarchs and play a role of a knight ruling in their own court, they can as well build a shop in any of the great five cities.

The game is still in the development process so there isn’t much information out yet as you can see, it seems to be interesting


Another development in progress. Fortified seems like an interesting game by Gala Games. It is about tower defense whereby its graphics are the same as those of Town Star and Mirandus which means the cooperation of NFTs is easier making it easier as well for players to navigate between different games collecting their games possessions.

Much information about the game will be shared as soon as it’s released.


This refers to a gala coin that is an NFT. NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token on the Ethrerum. NFTs are capable of making items even items that are of limited stock and they can distribute these items. These items can not be copied because of the authenticity of the blockchains. To have this coin gamers can either win them or buy them. These coins are used for gaming or used to buy NFTs which are either used to game as well or traded or sell them.


Gala games have used node licenses to grow their family. If one holds a nodes license they are qualified to earn rewards. Node license comes at a price as they are not for free but it is worth it. Gala games use node license holders to host games and grow their family and in exchange, they have rewarded thousands of coins and a bunch of other rewards

How it works

To operate as a node or just download and install the node software. After downloading and installing the software, create a free account. This process is easy and if you don’t get it tutorials on how to operate are available. Free Gala Games have access to the purchase nudes.

To earn the daily coin rewards nodes must be operated for a minimum time of six hours a day however it is advised to operate on a 24/7 mode to make sure no rewards a missed.

With time nodes turn into NFTs which are of a greater value. NFTs can be sold however at this stage one can not identify the value of the node and it could be less or more than the node license and in the first seven days after buying the NFTs they can not be sold but a refund policy exists that’s is valid for the first seven days. After the seven days, nodes can be sold on sites like


As a player, you will be able to get various rewards. Outlined below are some of the rewards that node owners get to receive:

  • Access to voting rights
  • Gala coins on a daily basis
  • Random NFT drops
  • Coins during games which means in every game a coin is dropped for the node owner

How Much Does A Gala Games Node Cost?

Firstly gamers should take note of the fact that after every hundred nodes are sold, the prices are increased, and that nodes available adds up to 50,000.

A node license holder confirmed that they bought it at a price of $7,200 and that the last time they checked the price was at $7,400 and the prices continue to increase after every 100 sold reach.

For gamers with accounts, prices are available online and for those without join the Gala Games discord group for accurate information.

There is a maximum of 50,000 nodes available, and around half of these have already been sold (as of 12th March 2021). For every 100 nodes sold, the price increases by $100.

How Much Does A Gala Games Node Make?

How much a Gala Game Node earns is impossible to put to one number in the first currency however it depends on how much time they operate.

How To Buy And Set Up A Gala Games Node

Shortlisted below is an easy process for those who are interested in purchasing and setting up a Gala node so if you are ready to get started, here is a guide.

How To Buy A Gala Node

  • Create a Gala Games account (it is free).
  • Click ‘Get Gala’ (the option shows inside the members’ area).
  • Tap the buy and operate a node option (point 2)
  • A “Select Payment Method:” option is shown with a Gala symbol to show up all coin options.
  • Once your option is selected tap Buy Now so that you know the amount you are required to send.
  • Top an extra little amount of the needed amount. This amount is for gas expenses.
  • Transfer the amount to your Gala wallet. To access your wallet address tap the “buy now” option and your details will be displayed on your screen.
  • Once you have the amount in your Gala wallet you can buy your node.

Setting Up & Running The Node

Let’s take you through the setting up and running of the node process after you purchase it

To your top right is your profile in the members’ area. Select option Account to your left-hand menu them select “Node Info”

Depending on the kind of machine you are using download software that is compatible with it.

A software installer is shown, run it.

Using the same logins with your Gala games account information log into your node software.

At least run the software for six hours a day.


Storing reef has proven to be a challenge for most newcomers to the Gala Games gaming world. Small amounts can be put into the exchange where you bought it but if the amount is huge it’s advised you find another safer way to store your money and you can choose one from the below-listed storage options :

Software Wallets

If you are just starting software wallets are advised because are accessible at no cost so no losses. Compared to leaving cryptocurrency on exchange software is better. If you just starting consider small fee charges when withdrawing. Software wallets are a great beginning point for a gamer.

Hardware Wallets

If you are looking for security, hardware-software is what you are looking for. They are connected to the internet hence cases of hacks or theft are minimized. You can use different types of devices. You can also use ledgers which have always been used so it’s not new.

Leaving it on an Exchange

This storage option is not advised but it is recommended for active traders. Leaving your crypto on exchange is risky hence make sure to have a strong password and to enable the 2-factor authentication. It is wiser to have a background analysis of the system of leaving crypto on an exchange.

Make sure to use exchange with reviews because if you leave crypto on the exchange you have direct access to your crypto and you don’t have many charges withdrawn by transactions.

How to get Gala

If you are looking to be part of the Gala games and help create a gaming environment that is gamer-friendly by a recreation of wealth and benefit as well, there are four ways Gala Games can help you do that. Anyone is capable of benefitting from the growth of Gala games by taking part in playing the games, possessing a node, and purchasing and keeping the coins. Below are four-way to gain Gala coins.

Play The Games

As mentioned above, Gala games can be played free of charge. You can access them on any smart device. If you play you might win gala coins and NFTs. Others prefer buying them which is also an option. One is assured after acquiring the assets that they are solely theirs which means Gala games have no right to them after that unless a player opts to openly trade them on the market.

Invite People To Join

Another way a player can gain gala coins is by sharing an invite link to other people who are not part of the  Gala games family to join. If a person you shared a link to, plays a game  or goes on to buy a node, you are rewarded for being the middle man

This one has a high probability of a player gaining coins if they share people who are into gaming or cryptocurrency and mostly they will find the idea making sense which will have you earning an appealing amount of gala coins without losing a cent

Own A Node

Buying a node has a lot of benefits including earning gala coins and for more information about buying a node, revisit page 5 and be well equipped however what’s crucial about having a node account is that they receive new coins everyday which they can either keep in their wallets keep them on exchange to gain the Fiat currency. Another advantage if node owners are currently the highest gala coins and NFTs are sometimes given t node owners

Buy Coins From An Exchange

Coins can be purchased on the exchange due to the fact that they are cheap. The exchange has been another platform where sales of coins are high.  Coins sales can add up to thousands on exchange with each costing a few dollars. It is also possible to trade coins such as Uniswap, Bitrue, and Poluyient Dex

Is the Gala Games platform legit?

If the games were not for free one would consider the Gala games a scam but the company is legit. The company develops games and uses cryptocurrency which can be sold or bought. Despite the fact, Gala Games uses crypto and the risk of buying as the cost is risky and can be brutal.


Q: What is NFT?

NFT refers to a system that provides players real and dependable assets with value that can generate value to digital assets for example online gaming assets.

NFT is an abbreviation for “non-fungible token”. This asset is a token to an added advantage for a player hence its importance so when gaming with Gala Games, it feels like a necessity to have one. They are not found in many numbers so they are expensive however they can be purchased in the game store, after that a player can keep them or use them yet others chose to sell them in an open market.

They are released by Gala Games and the moment an NFT is bought they own 100% of their asset so NFT has absolutely no say over your asset because it is no longer their asset.

NFTs are symbols of sharing wealth between the game developer and the gamer as gamers can make money and control their assets without the game developer’s interference.

Q: How to earn with Gala Games?

Anyone can earn with Gala games because they are mostly focused on putting wealth to the gamers more and the complete possession of gaming assets by gamers so by playing with Gala games everyone is capable of earning so here are four ways one can earn through buying coins

Play games- on any smart device one can play games for free and earn or win gala coins which becomes yours

Invite people to join-  if you share a referral link to other gamers and they use it, it means you earn coins.

Owning a node- The moment you own a node, you are earning. Be active for at least 6 hours a day and earn. Node owners receive daily rewards in form of coins and NFTs.

Buying coins from an exchange – coins are cheap so they are sold on an exchange at an affordable price.

Q: Is Gala Games safe?

SSL technology is what protects players’ information on Gala Games so yes, it is safe.

Q: Who is behind the platform?

The team behind this game’s development is amazing because it’s collective and the force of experience is exciting.

Eric Schiermeyer, Mike McCarthy, and Jason Brink are behind the development of this platform as a core team however they regularly hire experienced personnel

Co-founder at Zynga games, Eric Schiermeyer, is the CEO. He has a reputation for more than one popular game that is free to play online with some having active thirty million players.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Gala Games?

The website has almost all the information you are looking for about Gala games.


The revolution with this development the games not only enjoying the games but the money as well, gamers are sweating and enjoying their sweat. The best part about this is that in games purchases are 100% owned by the player so they can not be sold again or be owned by someone else. The benefits are to be devoured by the player only for example if a player gets coins they are free to sell them on an exchange or play them on another different game and sell them for cryptocurrency.

This gaming technique will phase out the old way of gaming because gamers have many options of games hence if they are fade up of the other, they move on to the other therefore earning is not hard and players remain loyal to Gala Games.

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