How to Buy Uniswap (UNI) in 2022

This coin protocol holds the name of the company that developed it. Uniswap’s release was only in 2018, where it was designed to be a finance protocol for crypto trades, running on Ethereum. Its automated transaction modules make it very effective, where many traders are seen rushing to buy Uniswap. This is a short guide on how one can acquire the native token, UNI

Quick guide on buying Uniswap: Buy instantly with fiat or crypto on Binance

Those looking for how to buy Uniswap with USD are in luck. On Binance, the currency and many others can be used with a debit card, credit cards, bank transfers, Visa, and so on. The steps are as follows:

  1. Register on Binance to create a platform account. Verify the account with a supported mode of payment, and secure it with a password
  2. Deposit money into the platform account. Both crypto and fiat deposits are accepted, where the platform even has its own native token
  3. Navigate to the ‘Exchange’ page and select a UNI trade pair under ‘Basic’
  4. State the required amount of UNI
  5. Select ‘Buy UNI’ to confirm the purchase

Exchanges to buy Uniswap (UNI)

Binance – Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, SEPA, Debit/Credit Cards

In today’s world, no one goes into the crypto industry and comes back not knowing of Binance. Shortly after its release in 2014, the platform got the attention of traders the world over, with its navigable interface and vast coin and token collection. UNI is s part of that collection, and can be purchased by:

  • Signing up for a Binance account and running an ID verification
  • Putting up a deposit into the exchange’s crypto or fiat wallet
  • Navigating to the ‘Exchange’ page to place an order
  • Choosing a trading pair with UNI and the intended currency for payment
  • Going to ‘Market’ under ‘Prices’ to fill in the purchase parameters
  • Finishing the transaction by selecting ‘Buy UNI’

KuCoin – Debit/Credit cards, Bank Transfers, PayPal

KuCoin is one of the best places for buying UNI. It features some affordable fees and an easy-to-use interface and even its own native token that can be used for making purchases. Users can pay with PayPal and a couple of other carriers. Uniswap is available and can be purchased by:

  • Creating a user account through the registration process
  • Verifying the account with a fiat mode of payment
  • Placing a deposit under ‘Assets’
  • Choosing a trade pair on the ‘Buy’ screen
  • Providing transaction details under ‘Market’
  • Confirming the purchase order
  • Confirm the transaction

Huobi – MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, Credit/Debit cards

This may not be the best place to buy UNI, but it is certainly a top contender. Making the purchase seems simple enough, where the user only needs to:

  • Register to create a Huobi account, then verifying the account with a supported fiat mode of payment
  • Deposit money into the platform account
  • Place a purchase order under ‘Buy Crypto’, selecting a trade pair with UNI and another viable trade currency
  • State the amount intended to spend on the transaction, and the required amount of UNI
  • Finish the transaction order using the ‘Buy UNI’ button

Coinbase – SEPA, Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

Coinbase has been making waves ever since its launch in 2014. Its release and ongoing operation were spearheaded by a technology firm from the United States, in San Francisco to be specific. Its ease of use spans across the entire platform, where a UNI purchase is done by:

  • Registering for a Coinbase account, and verifying it with a fiat mode of payment.
  • Funding the account with the linked fiat account, otherwise using an external crypto wallet.
  • Going to ‘Buy Crypto’ and picking a UNI trade pair from the given options
  • Finalizing the purchase, upon which the funds are transferred to the platform account

Gemini – Skrill, Neteller, Credit/Debit cards

Gemini was developed to be suitable for all kinds of traders, whatever their level of experience. The platform circulates dozens of currencies, both of the crypto and fiat varieties. Among these are Uniswap, which one can buy by:

  • Opening an account with Gemini, making sure to verify and secure it
  • Transferring funds to the platform account, where one can place crypto or fiat
  • Placing a purchase order under the ‘Buy’ page
  • Selectin a trade pair, and entering the required amounts for both
  • Finalizing the trade with the ‘Buy UNI’ button

Changelly – Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers

This platform allows users to make crypto purchases without revealing their individual identities. A couple of dozen coins and tokens are supported by the exchange. These are inclusive of Uniswap, which can be bought by:

  • Signing up to Changelly, then verifying and securing the account
  • Funding the account with fiat or crypto
  • Initiating a trade order under ‘Exchange’
  • Selecting a UNI trade pair, and entering the required amounts
  • Finishing the trade using the ‘Buy Crypto’ button

Kraken – Credit/Debit Cards, MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer

Kraken was released a while back, with coverage that spans to encompass most, if not all, major cities in the world. The crypto support variety is quite sizable, where it features coins like BTC and ETH, as well as tokens like $SAT and $UNI. Buying the Uniswap token is as simple as:

  • Joining the platform by registering and going through the standard KYC
  • Using a fiat account or external crypto to fund the account with BTC; which is found under the name XBT in the exchange
  • Picking out UNI as the required crypto under ‘Prices’
  • Making a trade order under ‘Trade’, selecting the preferred pair
  • Entering the required amounts, then finalizing the trade using the ‘Buy’ button

Bitfinex – MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers

Bitfinex has got quite a history with cyber attacks. Still, their trade services are great, where  one can purchase the UNI token with a few simple steps:

  • Signing up for a platform account, making sure to verify it
  • Funding the account under the ‘Deposit’ page from the top menu.
  • Placing a purchase order under the ‘Wallets’ page from the upper menu
  • Selecting a UNI trade pair, entering the required amounts under ‘Trade’
  • Finish the trade using the ‘Exchange Buy’ button

How Uniswap is being used

The Uniswap protocol is simply a facilitator for digital cryptocurrency exchange, and it is used as such. The system places a standard transaction charge which deducts $0.30 from every successful trade. So holders can place the coin back under sale and use it to redeem funds from the liquidity reserve. If done at a large scale, this could very much prove to be lucrative, provided the token and the Ethereum network as a whole keep up a reasonably high market price.

Things to consider before buying Uniswap

Ongoing fees – before even looking at the individual exchange, the protocol itself comes with charges with each coin swap. These are quite high, even though the token itself is not that expensive. This is because the token’s value goes in line with ETH, which is quite expensive

Where to buy Uniswap – as stated above, there are fees with each transaction. An ideal choice of exchange would be one that is affordable. It should also be easy to use.

How to find the best price

The crypto market is always changing, and so are exchange prices. To find an affordable platform, one would need to look through exchanges one at a time. Alternatively, there are also some websites that outline the most affordable exchanges on the market.

Where to store UNI

Online security is key, in a world where cybercrime is prevalent. That said, there is no safer location for crypto coins and tokens than in external wallets, particularly hardware wallets. The most famous of these that support UNI include the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor Model T, among others.

Security Tips

Both the platform account and the wallet must be secure at all times, made so by an appropriate password or PIN. Copies of this PIN must not exist, and it should be a bit complex. Only the user should have these, and no one else should be given access, under any circumstances.


The Uniswap system is a rather effective way of running online crypto trades. Being on the Ethereum blockchain, it is also secure from external attacks, and faster than most. Its market value shows great promise of rising, making it a top prospect of crypto to purchase and invest in.

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