How to Buy VeChain (VET) in 2022

A rather underrated crypto network, the VeChain blockchain is a force to be reckoned with – yes, its price is ridiculously low, but it has shown so much potential over the past year or so. By definition, VeChain is a public blockchain that was developed to be the top facilitator of business finances and supply chain allocations. It makes use of the VET as its native ticker symbol, currently going at around $0,19 each. This is an in-depth look at how you can buy VeChain.

Quick guide on buying VeChain: buy instantly on Binance

  1. Register on Binance and verify your account
  2. Go to Funds and make a transaction to fund your platform account, with any of the supported currencies
  3. Go to Exchange and place the order
  4. Select a trade pair with VET and the currency you are trading with
  5. State the trade parameters, using the Market reference
  6. Press on Buy VET to finish the transaction
  7. Wait for the funds to be credited to your Binance wallet

Exchanges to buy VeChain


Many would say that Binance is the best place to buy VeChain, or any other crypto at that. All we can say is that the platform is the most used in the world, favored for its ease of use and affordability. Binance was launched a while back in 2014 in China. It was carefully designed to be suitable for all types of traders and investors, regardless of their different agendas.

It supports quite a number of cryptocurrencies, the likes of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and VET, just to mention a few. Its main interface is very easy to use, where you can purchase your VET tokens by registering, funding your platform account, and initiating the purchase operation.


Indacoin was released sometime around 2015. Needless to say, the platform never got as much recognition as others that were released around the same time period. Still, it is quite a formidable force in the world of crypto trade, raking up some 5 million devoted visitors around the globe.

It is not the most packed platform in terms of individual coin support, but it still brings quite a number of cryptocurrencies to the table, among these being Ve Chain. By registering and verifying your platform account, you can buy as much VeChain as you want, where you are given a wide option pool of payment methods.


The operators behind Huobi drop the ball when it comes to their posted transaction fees, where they are seen to be a bit predatory, especially if withstood over time. However, the rest of their service base is quite solid, with their support for dozens of individual coins and tokens. VeChain is featured among these currencies, available for purchase with just a few simple steps.

The purchase function is found on the page under the ‘Buy Crypto’ button, where you are given a range of trade pairs with currencies of all kinds. If you face any problems, the support panel is available 24/7, with reasonable response times.


KuCoin is among the comparatively fewer crypto exchanges that come with their own native tokens. It token comes it known as KuCoin Shares, with the ticker symbol $KCS. It can be used just like any other crypto in the exchange; to purchase or sell coins, with its own standard market value. The advantage of using the token is its lack of transaction fees, along with the special rewards given with each successful transaction that it facilitates.

Likewise, the token can be used in a trade to acquire VET, as well as any other supported crypto or fiat currency. A simple registration and account activation should get you started with the purchase. You can pay with Debit Cards or with PayPal, among others.


Changelly is quite famous on the crypto trade market, highly regarded for its devotion to decentralized service. By concealing all registration and verification data on the blockchain, the platform successfully keeps all sensitive user information out of the reach of prying eyes. Changelly supports several payment modes and carriers, which can be used to make transactions.

Dozens of cryptocurrencies are available on the platform, inclusive of VET. You can purchase the coin by logging onto your platform account, and making a purchase order with a VET trade pair. Follow the requirements, providing extra information as stated, then finalize the transaction.


Kraken is no new face to the crypto world, has been around for several years now. It was developed and launched in the United States, with coverage that spans the entire world, where it is available for use in most, if not all major towns and cities. Quite a number of crypto coins and token are inconsistent circulations on the platform, as are several world currencies and financial carriers.

Fortunately, buying VeChain is a standing option on the platform, doable with only a couple of simple and straightforward steps; you need to register to open a Kraken account, then link it with a supported mode of payment and verify it.

Now, you need to deposit some BTC into your account, where you can make a direct purchase or use a pre-existing external Bitcoin wallet. Make your way to Prices, then select the currency you want to use. State the amount you want and place the order by pressing the Buy button – expect a standard 0.26% trading fee.


This online exchange allows you to buy VET with USD, EUR, GBP, and several other world currencies. Of late, the platform has been undergoing some modifications that saw it coming out more suited to large-cap trades for professional investors. Nonetheless, the platform’s larger visitor base still comprises passive hobbyists and small-scale traders, all of who seem to be satisfied with what they are getting.

The operator does quite well to fit the platform with a readily available customer service panel, ready to assist users in any way they can.  A couple of dozen coins are circulated by Bittrex, inclusive of mainstream cryptos and smaller digital tokens. Among these is  VET, which you can acquire by registering for a user account, placing a deposit which you can then use to make the trade for the coin, using the standard market prices.

Things to consider before buying VeChain

Market Volatility

Crypto is always fluctuating, so you need to be watchful of the international market rates. The idea is to plot out the right time to make the investment

Loss Probability

The market comes into play once more, where you could wake up to a massive price drop and lose all of your coin stocks. To such ends, we would suggest that you by VET that you can afford to lose, completely.

Where to buy VeChain

You should be careful when selecting a crypto exchange. They differ in aspects like pricing, reliability, and security, among others.

How to find the best time to buy

Well, you can always use the live price chart of the crypto market. With it, you can acquire the VET prices and make accurate projections, lining them up to the prices from whichever exchange you pick. If you are looking for the most affordable exchange, there a quite a number of platforms that run instant comparisons.

Where to store VET

You obviously need to keep your coin safe from thieves and attacks of any kind. Luckily, there is just the solution, coming in the form of hardware wallets that keep your coin on a physical device safe from online threats. The Ledger wallets are quite famous, and they also support VET, along with the Trezor wallets. Online wallets ate also available, in their abundance.

Security Tips

  • Never give any third-party services access to your account or wallet. That way, no one, except you, has access to your funds
  • Always transfer money to an external wallet
  • Pick a platform with regulations and register with the standard 2FA
  • Keep away from suspicious links and websites as they may contain malware meant to siphon personal information.


With such a powerful operational base and a massive online following, the VeChain blockchain is certainly up for further expansion, in which it will see a gradual surge in its coin value. With mass projections teaming with positive prospects, purchasing the coin really seems to be a good investment, especially if you look at how affordable it is right now!

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