How to Buy XRP in 2022

Ripple was released back in 2012 by Ripple Labs Inc. It is a settlement system and asset exchange that makes use of the XRP as its ticker symbol. It is highly favored for its superior block recognition speed, where transactions are faster than in many other networks. Below, we give you a quick guide to how you can buy XPR.

Quick guide on buying XRP: Buy instantly with fiat or crypto on Binance

  1. Sign up to Binance to create an account
  2. Verify the account and secure it with 2FA
  3. Click on ‘Funds’ and make a fiat or crypto deposit
  4. Navigate to ‘Exchange’ and pick out an XRP trade pair
  5. Click on ‘Buy XRP’ to finalize the trade
  6. Withdraw the coins from the Wallet

Exchanges to buy Ripple (XRP)

We can’t say that there is one best place to buy the coin. Different platforms have their upsides and their unique features. That said, the following are the most used for the trade:


Binance was released sometime in 2014, by a software firm from China. Needless to say, the time has been on their side, where the platform has seen massive expansion rates over the past several years. Binance supports a variety of coins and crypto tokens, the likes of BTC, BCH, and XRP. You can purchase the latter with just a few easy steps:

  • Logging onto your Binance account. If you do not have one, you can create one by registering and completing the account verification
  • Making a fiat deposit into your platform account
  • Navigating to ‘Exchange’, and selecting an XRP trade pair from the given options
  • Entering the amount you want to spend on the purchase
  • Giving confirmation by clicking on ‘Buy XRP’

How to Pay – Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Western Union, Visa


KuCoin is a rather unique online exchange, favored by investors and traders all over the world. It comes with a very user-friendly and fast interface, supporting payments with PayPal, Visa, and so on. Dozens of cryptos are circulated in KuCoin, including XRP. You can buy the coin by:

  • Creating a KuCoin account and logging onto it
  • Verifying the account with an external mode of payment
  • Funding the platform account under the Assets tab
  • Going to the Buy page and selecting a suitable trade pair with XRP
  • Providing the trade details under the Market tab
  • Finalizing the purchase

How to Pay – Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer


This is yet another good crypto exchange, coming in with some reasonably valued transaction fees. Ripple is just one of the many other digital currencies that are supported by the platform, allowing you to acquire it by:

  • Completing the Huobi registration to create a platform account
  • Going through the standard account KYC
  • Making a fiat deposit into the account
  • Navigating to the Buy Crypto page and selecting the trading pair with XRP and whichever other currency you would like to make the trade with
  • Entering the amount of XRP you want and clinking on Buy XRP to finalize the purchase

How to Pay – Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Credit and Debit cards


This is recognized as one of the safest and most reliable crypto exchanges. You can purchase XRP by way of:

  • Registering and logging onto the platform account, making sure to verify it with a supported mode of payment
  • Going to the Fiat page from the navigation bar
  • Entering the amount you want to spend on the purchase
  • Clicking on Buy Now
  • Providing payment credentials
  • Clicking on Buy to finalize the purchase

How to Pay – MasterCard, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Visa


This exchange comes through with XRP support, along with dozens of other blockchain coins and tokens. The main UI is simple and straightforward, meant to be easily navigable by all traders, regardless of the experience. You can buy Ripple on this platform by completing a few simple steps:

  • Log onto your Poloniex account. If you do not have an account, register to create one
  • Make a deposit into your account, using a linked fiat wallet, or an external crypto one
  • Go to Exchange and pick the Market reference
  • Select XRP as your intended purchase
  • State the amount you would like to acquire, then click on the Buy XRP button to complete the process

How to Pay – Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfers


Making an XRP purchase is made easy by this platform, where you only need to:

  • Create an exchange account by registering
  • Verifying the account
  • Pick the desired XRP market trade pair, like XRP/USD, or XRP/EUR
  • Navigate to the Market Order page and click on Buy XRP
  • Enter the amount you want to buy
  • Provide the required credentials and click on ‘Buy XRP’ to complete the purchase

How to Pay – Western Union, Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfer


Buying XRP with fiat or crypto has never been easier than with Kraken. The process of making the purchase is as easy as:

  • Signing up for a Kraken account
  • Verifying the account by going through standard KYC, then securing it with 2FA
  • Making a deposit using a fiat wallet or an alternative crypto one
  • Navigation to the Prices tab then picking out an XRP trade pair
  • Stating the amount of Ripple you want then clinking on Buy to finalize the purchase

How to Pay – SEPA, bank transfers, Credit and Debit cards


Those looking for how to buy XRP with USD can make use of Bitfinex. The purchase can be made with a Debit card, Credit card, and so on. The actual process is as simple as:

  • Resisting to create an account, then activating it by verifying it with a supported mode of payment
  • Securing your account by going through the standard 2FA
  • Clicking on Deposit from the upper right menu, then funding the platform account
  • Going back to the main page and clicking on Wallets from the upper right menu
  • Provide details regarding the amount you want, the currency, XRP, and the destination wallet
  • Place the order and go to Trade to select the XRP trade pair you want to use
  • Click on Exchange Buy to finalize the purchase

How to Pay – Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Bank Transfers, Credit and Debit cards

How Ripple is different

The difference is seen in the intended area of operation. Unlike other cryptos which are just digital currencies, Ripple was created as a complex remittance system, currency exchange, and financial settlement network. This makes it more of a carrier for asset transfer, with XRP as its native token/currency.

Things to consider before buying XRP

One should always keep the following in mind prior to making a purchase:

Where to buy XRP – there is no purchase without an exchange platform, and selecting the right one may prove to be beneficial to your future trades

How much to buy – you can buy as much as you want, but it is generally recommended that you make an investment that you are willing to lose. This is due to the market instability, where the value of the coin could plummet overnight.

Intention – you should know what you want with the coin before you purchase it. A trader and an investor operate differently, where one is looking for quick returns and the other is working overtime. This reflects in the amount they buy, and where.

How to find the best price

The market index is the best for this. Fortunately, there are now dozens of platforms dedicated to making quick comparisons of different exchange prices, giving you the more reasonable one. This is pivotal to trade as it affects your transactions and, or, storage.

Where to store XRP (ledger wallet and more)

You need to pick the most secure storage location for your coin. For a hefty price, you can purchase a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S or the Trezor Model T. These are the most secure wallets of all, as they are immune to online crashes and cybercrime. Alternatively, you can make use of online wallets like Exodus or BitGo.

Security Tips

You should always be alert for scammers online. Some may come on the pretense of being account managers, or boosters. Never give them your credentials. You should make sure that your passwords are complex and secure, even changing their time and again. Lastly, try to withdraw your funds from exchange accounts to specialized wallets. These are more secure.


Of late, more and more traders have been switching to Ripple, and we don’t blame them – the Ripple network is one of the fastest there is, where one block is produced in a fraction of the time it takes with Bitcoin. It is also reliable and a bit more affordable

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