How to Play Waves Duck Game (2022)

Wave Ducks is a game based on a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). It puts together gaming mechanics and DeFi, which lets the players, also referred to as duck hunters, gain eggs on staking and collecting duck NFTs.

To pay for block-chain fees, the players will be required to collect some waves coins and duck eggs. The eggs can be bought from or any other crypto exchange that accepts the $EGG token. After buying your eggs you can instantly begin playing by logging into Before doing so one might need more information on how to play the game. This article serves to give you some tips on how to play Waves Duck game.

Waves Duck introduction

The game is mainly centered on collectible Non-Fungible Token digital duck images.

There are two main options to the game. A player can gather ducks and give other players and also breed them so as to come out with highly valuable unique items.

When playing the game, the players can get to:

  1. acquire egg tokens in the rounds of the games or purchase the eggs combine
  2. Exchange the eggs to get genesis ducks
  3. earn unique ducks by breeding genesis ducks
  4. purchase and trade NFT ducks to the subsidiary market
  5. get hands-off income from the duck farms

Game core items

  • The game’s currency is the egg and it is used to earn ducks
  • A genesis duck is a digital representation that can be earned in exchange for EGG
  • A bred duck comes as a result of breeding ducks that are not sterile. These are referred to as second-generation ducks.
  • When a duck is referred to as sterile it means that it has already been used to breed thus it can not be A sterile duck is a character that has already been used for duck breeding as one of the parents and, therefore, could no longer be let to participate in duck breeding.
  • There is also a duck called the jackpot dark. This is a very A jackpot duck is a highly uncommon digital image availed in limited numbers.

Core game roles

There are three main functions offered by the game to the players

  • Duck hunters is a term given to players that participate in activities of the community to earn eggs
  • Duck farmers is a term used to players that use farming practicality to add their egg numbers the number of their eggs
  • Duck collectors is a term used for players whose purpose is to gather duck eggs that will are players who collect duck images that could go around in the market.

So the player gets to select one of these roles so as to Choose a role or a combination of roles to create their duck regime.

How to play Waves Duck

The first step to playing the game is acquiring some waves coins and eggs so as to purchase ducks and cover the blockchain fee. The eggs can be bought on

Once you have done this you can start playing right away by just logging into WavesDucks .com with the use of email choice.

There are two main choices you can opt for to begin the collection of your ducks.

Use an incubator to hatch a new one, which will cost the player about 3.3 eggs/50 waves. Every new duck will cost more.

Purchasing a duck from players at the marketplace will leave you with a good which costs about 140 to 200 waves. Players are recommended to make use of the setting “sort by: buyout price” to get better deals.

It is very important to take note of a duck’s breeding state before purchasing. Sterile ducks are not able to breed anymore though they can be used to farm. Every NFT will only get one child for the game.

Breeding is said to be the most interesting part of the game. Here one has an option of getting any two ducks that are non-sterile in their farm to breed them.

After this, the player gets one more duck free, though the two ducks used for breeding are left sterile. Leaving the player with a new and unique generation duck.

Not only will the player get a great collection after breeding but they also start getting some passive income.

The players can farm new eggs using their ducks at My Farm Page.

To begin acquiring eggs the player will have to purchase a perch and place their duck there. You will need to buy a perch and put your duck on it. The egg’s returns count on the duck’s uniqueness. The player is advised to make use of ducks that have a higher uniqueness to farm. Purely rare ducks can lay at about 2 eggs a month which brings about favorable results for the player.

It is also recommended to use some of the acquired ducks to make new ducks so as to enhance the power of your farm and remain at the top list of players.

Creating a duck

Steps to follow so as to acquire a digital duck by exchanging eggs:

  • First, get into the Incubator area
  • Use the Hatch a duck button. A player requires enough adequate egg numbers to begin hatching.
  • Hold for 2 minutes till a duck comes out of the egg.
  • After this, to see one’s new duck the player has to check in the duck wallet section.
  • It is important to take note that the later duck will require more eggs.

Genotype and generations

Each duck’s genotype is made out of eight letters including a dash that comes after the letter, unlike the other two letters. A duck’s rarity depends on its genotype. If the rarity is higher then the duck will be of much more value and will give more farming returns.

There are 6 different versions at the current moment. The genotype 8 letters represent the appearance of the duck

А – elon

B – satoshi

C – doge

D – bogdanoff

E – chad

F – harold

For example, if a player decides to breed aaaaaaaa and bbbbbbbb, the result duck gets an unselected combination of the letters used like abaababb. The duck can have satoshi eyebrows, elon beak and head, and so forth.

The duck’s generation is represented by the first letter from the dash. The lowest generation is represented by the letter G (GENESIS). The consequent generations are:

H – hero

I – ideal

K – knight

L – lord

M – magical

If the generation is higher then the duck is more unique. To achieve this the player has to mix two ducks that have a lower generation when breeding. The background color is represented by the second letter from the dash

R represents red

Y – yellow

G –  green

B  – blue

All ducks have background colors. Each unique to every duck, same with perches. To yield great results ducks are to be placed on perches of the same color. Though this does not determine the background color after breeding two ducks. The background colors come out randomly.

Duck parity

A duck’s uniqueness represents its rarity.  Next-generation ducks are rarer as they are a product of breeding. While genesis ducks are less unique since they are found in high numbers.

How to breed ducks

To get new high rarity generation ducks the player has to breed two ducks. Each and every duck can only breed only once and after that it becomes sterile.

A player can follow the following instructions to breed a duck.

  • Open the Breeding section
  • Choose the two ducks in your duck collection to breed. Make sure the ducks are non-sterile.
  • Press Breed button
  • hold till 2 minutes
  • the player’s new duck will be shown in my farm section
  • there is no limit to the number of ducks. A player can keep breeding different generations to get more room for acquiring a duck that is 100% rare.

Buying and selling a duck

How to buy a duck?

Steps on buying a duck at the marketplace.:

  • Open the marketplace section
  • choose a duck of your choice
  • purchase it instantly with the available buyout price or go for betting
  • your acquired duck is shown at my farm section

How to sell a duck?

Steps on selling a duck at the marketplace:

  • Open My Farm section
  • Choose a duck of your choice
  • Press the Start auction button

How to farm eggs

Steps on how players can farm their eggs:

  • Open My Farm section
  • Get the “perch” with a set one egg rate.
  • Choose ducks with matching colors by clicking on a perch.
  • The duck will begin to produce eggs soon after you place the duck on your perch. The increase in your egg numbers will be shown on the counter under the perch and updated constantly.

All the ducks on your farm are able to perform the farming role. Both new generation and genesis ducks which are a result of breeding are able to do the farming function. The player will get more eggs from higher rarity eggs. So the sooner you begin farming the more eggs you acquire.


Q: Is Waves Duck free to play?

To be able to play the game one has to earn some Waves coins and eggs first so as to purchase ducks and pay for the blockchain fees.

Q: Is Waves Duck a mobile game?

The waves duck game is not a mobile game.

Q: Is Waves Duck legit?

Waves Duck is protected by NFT and blockchain security instrument measures which makes it safe for users.


The waves duck game is easy to learn and understand over time. Its main goal is to boost waves by presenting new mechanics to the crypto world. These mechanics put together Defi and NFT in a manner that gives returns to the players while they also benefit the community.

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