How to buy Robo Advisor for Yield (RAY) in 2021

Buy Robo Advisor for Yield now and get an array of opportunities to claim massive yields. With such an exciting set of smart contracts, you will enjoy more and more yielding ventures by positioning assets perfectly. RAY has a whole lot to offers, from ETH, DAI, and USDC easy holdings.

If you are ready to participate fully on a well-represented DeFi platform, this is the opportunity to do so. By simply depositing fair amounts of assets in contract yields, traders and users have a convincing opportunity to look for lucrative deals which they deem necessary. There is a chance that yields can be transferred to a more appealing destination. Monitors of efficient tech designs have been put in place to keep track of yields.

All you have to do is relax while these monitors do all the work for you. Luckily for trading fanatics, RAY is able to support dYdX and bZx, not forgetting Compound. We are honored to let the gaming and yielding community know that RAY future plan looks very convincing.

Security is being prioritized by developers while stake support systems, arbitrage opportunities, and market convenience are on the long-term plan list of systems to be upgraded. Do not be fooled, RAY is a calabash of yielding opportunities!

This article will clearly bring to light the best place to buy RAY coin, payment with a debit or with a credit card. Remember, Ethereum is in the thick and thin of RAY, no wonder it is available on smart contract setups. Let us look at Robo Advisor for Yield’s quick guide.

A quick guide on buying Robo Advisor for Yield

Before we delve deep into the guide, remember that credit card transactions are possible if you successfully register on the Binance exchange. For the easy procession, we have detailed a step-by-step sequence below.

  • log in to Binance account
  • select ‘buy now’ located on the homepage section
  • at this point, it’s possible to select crypto purchase with hard currency
  • insert fiat amount of choice. Check equivalent crypto amount
  • at this point, you are also able to purchase using another hard currency variant
  • insert hard currency amount
  • check out the value pair between fiat of choice and crypto
  • preferred payment modes include credit card, paying with PayPal, debit card, MasterCard, and Visa
  • check the following directions and follow them diligently
  • place card information
  • when the card is added, select ‘continue’
  • verify amounts and card details again, within 60 seconds, you would have had confirmed everything
  • The next page is the OTP transaction page
  • check out onscreen directions
  • by now your purchased crypto will have been credited to your account

These steps are expertly reviewed and if you follow them, nothing can actually go wrong.

How to buy RAY

Now we give you a step-by-step detail on how to purchase RAY.

Step 1: Create your Binance Account

Binance requires you to offer personal information. This includes a phone number, active email address, and a compact password. Another simple method to make everything simple is uploading the Binance trading application. It’s an official application meant to offer users account creation and all transaction systems. It’s unfortunate for US-based investors because it’s impossible to buy Robo Advisor for Yield with USD on the Binance platform.

Step 2: Start Buying Bitcoin

Below list two methods of purchasing RAY on a Binance platform using hard currency

  • debit card/credit card/bank transfer
  • P2P method

Buy RAY with a Debit Card, Credit Card, or via Bank Transfer

Do not worry if you are a newbie to cryptocurrency purchases because linking your credit/debit/bank with Binance is one of the easiest processes. However, purchasable bitcoin starts from $15. As usual, it is not all in all the same with all hard currencies.

Another method as we have listed above is through P2P which is also easy in its manner. We have to say, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a huge influx of merchants and users and with many average payment methods around, P2P will be used by many traders across the world.

Buy Bitcoin with Third-Party Payment Methods

There are always those underrated payment options around the corner. They stand not to be underestimated but opting for them all depends on your currency of choice.

Deposit Your Local Currency and Trade for Bitcoin

The massive growth of Binance has made it possible for traders to facilitate transactions using EUDO, AUD, GBP, and TKY, not forgetting the Brazilian Dollar (BRL). This simply means that the Binance account is now more liberal towards international currencies as compared to prior operations. Looking at the spot, margin, and future market structures bundled in Binance, traders have the ability to use hard cash deposits to buy equivalent cryptocurrency without any hassle.

What is Robo Advisor for Yield (RAY)

Robo Advisor for Yield popularly known as RAY on the crypto market is a fast-growing smart contract platform. Let us look at some interesting definite factors

  • grants lucrative yields through the fast transfer of funds or crypto assets to a respectable protocol
  • DAI, ETH, and USDC are all compatible with RAY
  • Compound, dYdz, and bZx are all supported on RAY
  • successful cash-in of funds results in interest generation and trader’s receive ERC-721
  • expect a 20% fee charged for all topped yield

Things to consider before buying RAY

With RAY on the rise, you will be satisfied to actually access and kick start your yielding ventures. However, it is very important to take charge of some basic factors before purchasing RAY. Below we give you those 5 factors to facilitate reputable purchasing

Use common sense: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

The concept of extraordinary returns from small deposits should be a matter of concern. It is always the case that many potential investments lose massive funds all in the name of massive returns.

We recommend that when a trader comes across a decent return margin from a sensible deposit, put some funds aside and invest. This is what an avid trader thinks and operates. Be firm and do not limit yourself. Not all new coins make a big fortune but if a chance arises, reinvest and yield more rewards.

Carryout personal research

Cryptocurrency and market movements are explained by avid crypto experts. There are many blogs, reviews, and visual descriptions of how crypto operates. It’s mandatory for each and every trader to consider research on information written by financial experts.

Also when it comes to investing money, do not go about trusting and partnering with everyone. Financial advisors are there to assist you but do not trust them too much. All they need is to reach their traction target, whether you win or fail is not their problem.

Research is more appropriate especially when you are about to engage a new coin. YouTube has many videos which are not only reputable but universal in the way they portray cryptocurrency details and coin transacting. Look for potential cryptocurrency developers to get valid detail.

Stay in your financial lane

All prospective cryptocurrency traders think of ambitious wins before they consider their wallets and budget. The most important aspect is to stake or invest funds that are inclined to your budget. It is normal to lose during initial trades of a new coin but even if that happens, you have to continue with trading.

Crypto expertise is gained through time and experience but luck can really come your way if you manage to strike precisely. It’s not always the case that you will gain a lot, at some point you lose but all you must do is ignore and move on. Invest money that you know you can recover when you make multiple losses.

Never act based on fear of missing out

Many fresh cryptos are established with so much pace. The level of hype looks convincing and in no time investors can jump in, totally unaware of the consequences. At some point, they are victimized by the fear of missing out. Jumping into investment hurriedly is very dangerous to anyone. You talk of celebrity endorsements that are purchased by investors. Partners also are pursued all in the name of token and coin hype.

Protect your keys

Private keys are very important. Securing them should be the most fundamental step each and investor must consider. Private keys are your passport or identity to making cryptocurrency purchases. When you fail to protect them or when your wallet is compromised, hackers can transact using your identity. We recommend that private keys be store in a cold wallet. Do not store them on your pc because personal computers have sophisticated malware and high anti-virus risk attack. However, you can also write it down on paper.

Where to store RAY token

When it comes to storing your RAY, you must make sure that you make use of safe and secure methods. Below, we share some of the ways that you can use.

Hot Wallet

Hot wallets are internet-based wallets that offer fast storage and transfer of cryptocurrency assets. Below look we detail on hot wallets

  • are compatible with mobile devices and PC’s
  • fast ways of transacting crypto assets through an internet link
  • security is poor looking at high hacker vulnerability
  • chances of assets compromise are looking at the fact that private keys can be stored efficiently on hot wallets
  • perfect for small and short term cryptocurrency transactions
  • poor in saving money but good in completing minute transactions
  • hot wallets are browsing based meaning that traders have to use URL

It is important to note that holding cryptocurrency in an exchange wallet is not the same as before. Hot wallets are totally different from valid personal accounts. When using a hot wallet, it does not mean that you are the holder of private keys.

That’s why there is so much hacking going around because scammers can use your private key to fulfill transactions. Obviously, traders can experience drought accounts because funds are being dispatched from the wallet without your consent.

No wonder why the adage ‘not your key, not your wallet’ continues to be used. As we have mentioned earlier hot wallets are not ideal for large storage. With high recommendations from expert traders, large cryptocurrency has to be stored in cold wallets. Some of the prominent exchange accounts include Gemini, Coinbase, and Binance.

Cold Wallet

Unlike hot wallets, cold wallets are not connected to the internet and they are more convenient. Let us look at some interesting factors.

  • the safest of the two
  • cold wallets can not be linked with the internet meaning that traders assets are free from cybercriminal
  • since systems are not connected to the internet private keys and asset balances are more secured
  • for more security, you can utilize paper wallets which are traditional and basic means of storing private keys
  • cold wallets are zero to none when it comes to risk
  • the portfolio is safe and sound

As we mentioned on paper wallets, all you have to do is find a piece of paper, write private key details and keep safe. For long-term safety, make sure that you laminate the papers. When you are looking for those long-term assets and private key protection methods, look no further because cold wallets have got you covered.

Another relative cold wallets selection is hardware wallets. These are external options that have space to store private keys and cryptocurrency assets. Examples of hardware wallets include USB. External USB drives are free from viruses because there is no internet connection which is actually good if you are gunning for asset protection. Looking deep into hardware wallets, they are more of open sources which are not guided by company policies.

At times company put traders at a disadvantage in terms of flexibility and safety. Open sources mean that traders have an opportunity to mold their wallets to desired settings. Again cold wallets are the most ideal storage packages when it comes to securing bitcoin and other dominant cryptocurrencies.

Physical Coins

Traders should understand that services from the cryptocurrency market are shifting which is actually a system allowing traders to buy a lot of bitcoin. Purchased coins have a sticker emblem that shows the amount of bitcoin, this is a pre-set system. Physical coins are obtained by staking a higher amount than what you want to stake. It’s all about placing a premium figure. This is done to cover up distribution and manufacturing charges.

Cloud Wallets

Cloud wallets are the best examples of hot wallets. This means that assets and further wallet details are accessed from any device of choice. When you are looking for fast ways of transacting, this is your best option but in terms of private key security, it’s a no-no!

Connection to the internet means vulnerability to cyber attacks. However, there is always a better version in everything, and looking at cloud wallets, traders can look for non-custodial online wallets. For you to operate them, go online and use web access. In most cases, they have exchange compatibility meaning that traders are able to initiate a trade safely and soundly.

Privacy and security tips

To ensure that you kkep your RAY private and secure, you will have to rtake not of the following tips:

Backup your cryptocurrency

We highly recommend that traders backup their wallets (bitcoin wallets). This is done to safeguard transacting history and to keep track of asset balances. You have proper recovery of assets which is actually good because these are hard-earned investments.

Do not forget to backup up wallet data. Another premium method is using various safe destinations to back up data, these include external USD, cd, and hard drives. Backup requires strong passwords for extra strength.

Updating software packages

Softwares were initially designed for regular upgrades. This is important because hackers do not have a chance to penetrate through the latest version software package. So after updating device software packages, move on to software updates on security fixes and protocols. Do not forget to update OS setups for safe bitcoin security. Still, on this trip, make sure you use updated firewalls to protect your device. That way, you are safe and sound.


This is the most trending and secure way of ensuring the safety of crypto assets. What is it all about? Well, there should be approval of 3 to 5 people. These people should supply signatures whenever a transaction is being facilitated. Traders enjoy true safety from theft while bitcoin security is top-notch. It’s a matter of gaining approval from other peers so as to complete your transaction. That is the sweeter part when it comes to multi-signature.


We have to say, RAY has proven so far to be one of the most simple and easiest platforms in gaining so much yielding momentum. Through fixed income and funding, traders have an array of opportunities to make meaningful amounts of RAY tokens. The sheer presence of non-custodial means of private key security has made it easier and ideal for traders across the globe to manage their assets without any hassle.

Many wallet selections, hot wallets to be exact have an amazing web connection, and it is quite a good stride when completing minute transactions. Thanks to Web3 compatible systems, RAY can be linked perfectly with wallets like Metamask and Ledger. For more convenient detail, web UI and API are some of the amazing platforms available. We hope that the article came in handy when it comes to RAY access and purchasing systems. Yielding RAY tokens is one of the easiest movements on the cryptocurrency market. Buying Robo Advisor for Yield is very easy. Access RAY now and become a yielding fanatic!

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