What is EGG token (Waves Ducks)?

DeFi has been giving clients nothing but pure and simple token selection. Decentralized systems of token operation have proved to be difficult for many beginners out there. The basic idea is that novices or newbies in the world of blockchain and DeFi have to gather up as much profit as possible before they think of breaking the market.

Thanks to a successful combination between Cocoricos and EGG token, many novices have encountered a fully potential token system. Attempts have been made sure to change the game in a different and unique manner. Let us look at the acute definition of the EGG token.

What is an EGG token

Looking at the EGG token, it lays its base on a duck or egg system. This system entails a hatching setup where a player has to hatch an egg in anticipation of an NFT. NFT characters become fully fleshed and meaningful the moment that an egg has been hatched. Looking at the status of the egg, it is the common feature used for farming and breeding rewards, paying up farm enhancement, and most importantly, a governance or voting tool.


Let’s now take a look at the real technology behind Wave Duck. It is a popular game that has a tendency of convincing the Waves ecosystem. Wave ecosystems do actually offer NFT collections through loyalty programs. Remember that loyalty rewards ads have to perform inform of NFTs. DeFi s part and parcel of the crypto industry so, in the same respect, Wave Duck seeks property rights for clients through a possible link with blockchain. Make sure that you grab the idea of breeding NFTs through the process of egg hatching. Breeding is not only meant at producing an NFT but also to obtain unique items which have so much rarity. Remember, the secret lies in the way a client breeds the egg. Let us look at some of the important and basic features.

Waves ecosystems have a lot of privilege because they get to be given 1 million EGG tokens.  Wave-based users or clients also have a share of that 1 million.

  • NFT ducks can be obtained if a player uses 10 collected egg tokens
  • The creation of another duck is possible through the use of a hatching duck egg
  • Breeding releases a unique and fresh-looking duck full of rarity
  • Check out Waves Tech, which has a whole lot of unique ducks
  • EGG breeding and EGG farming enhances breeding systems
  • Breeding is at the center of everything

EGG distribution

Looking at project operations and how tokens are dispatched, you can notice that a 1 million supply of tokens means that 20000 tokens will be on offer in what is said to be the first year in the running of projects programs. There are tasks that have to be completed by players in order to get rewards in form of EGG tokens. A lot of tokens have been distributed of late. In the first two months of inception on the market, a total of 57,000 tokens were released for a variety of activities.

Among those activities was Swop. fi and Lambo. Some of the interesting tasks include creating new and fresh characters of NFT, resending posts, coming up with memes, and creating infographics. The remaining 143,000 are for farming grants. 36,000 of those 143,000 will be shared in a period of 12 months as a way of covering NFT farming.

Remember, all this is being done in accordance with DIP-2. What then happens to the remaining tokens? Well, they are kept safe and then distributed in the following years. Luckily, the number will top up with a total of 50,000. So looking at the current tally, by 2024 you would be having a total of 500,000 tokens distributed. During that period till 2024, EGG inflow will have to be part and parcel of tokenomics. However, on a separate side, a sanctioned number of tokens will be transferred to various marketing activities which go hand in hand with 7.5% of the EGG supply.

Why is it valuable?

For a player to obtain that perfect token for DeFi operations, there is a need to render through various token choices around. This largely concerns bitcoin buyers who tend to surface their crypto operations on ERC-20. ERC-20 is successfully purchased on an official exchange and at times tokens like EGG are traded against ETH. This also means that a total of two steps should be put forward to effect such a successful procession. However, EGG has a different approach now. Players have to go in between the two steps from the given equation.

If you are a bitcoin user you get to clinch EGG tokens and also venture through our DeFi gallery of options. Beginners and newbies find the whole process easygoing and the chances of increasing the rate of liquidity on DeFi are also pretty amazing. Pure operation on DeFi encourages players to desist from overreliance on centralized formats. Binance is one example of a blooming centralized format which is oddly interesting granting a considerable its amount of options.

How to get EGG tokens

The process of getting some EGG tokens is very simple. On top of that, it is very quick, which will get you started as soon as possible. Below are the simple steps that you will need to take.



The following steps are tried and tested by expert EGG token fanatics.

  • reach out to Marketplace Page.
  • choose your duck
  • use fast buyout system so as to rush for betting

Remember, the duck will be explicitly shown to you in your farming sector.


Below we take a look at the basic features of EGG farming

  • eggs are piled in an orderly fashion to effect farming
  • staking of eggs gives them access to governance (voting) on a weekly basis for buyback color and they also obtain a quick breeding process which is more convenient.

Many players usually fall in love with the new breeding process largely because of its efficiency in speed. A well-deserved impact on the voting platform on a weekly basis enhances opportunities to select that specific color which goes hand in hand with your duck of choice. Looking at the players voting weight, it is equal to the amount of staked eggs in your respective farm. How can one increase the total tally of their egg stake? Well, this question is best answered by the following steps.

  • reach out for my farm section
  • obtain a perch which is fixed at a rate of 1 EGG
  • opt for that perch and then choose your duck which matches your color of choice
  • from the moment that you place your duck of choice in your activated perch, you will start to increase your eggs. Check a small section below which updates you on the increasing rate.

Remember, farming options are available for all duck options. It’s not a selective approach meaning that each and everyone has the ability to produce eggs. The secret lies in the rarity level of a duck. The more the rarity the more the eggs produced and vice versa.

The future of the EGG token

The major share of the tokens is dispersed among players who finish up tasks. As we have mentioned earlier some of these tasks include reposting messages on social media and creating new ducks with extra rarity.

For the first or initial two months, a total of 57,000 tokens are transferred to other gaming rounds which include the likes of Swop. fi and Lambo which are all part and parcel of Wave staking. You can support and encourage meme creation, infographics creation, and character creation to have a better chance at clinching EGG tokens.

As we mentioned also the remaining 143,000 is also divided to give 36,000 tokens which have to be dispersed in the following year. Remember, after each and every year, the tally increases by 50,000 tokens. By 2024 the total tally will amount to 500,000 tokens.


Looking at EGG farming and a whole lot of processes that we have outlined in the article they are supposed to support the initiative of waves. The wave gaming experience is all in all supported by DeFi and NFT operations. The game mechanics also lies in that setup.

Luckily for players, they are awarded for simply fulfilling a number of tasks. That’s unlike many crypto-based games. Players have an opportunity to benefit largely from a big ecosystem. You are able to get money with alluvium if you manage to gain experience on gameplay.

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